The Reeds (Horrorfest '10) - Bloody Disgusting!

The Reeds (Horrorfest ’10)

Unlike previous years the AFM is loaded with all sorts of films yet to be discovered such as Nick Cohen’s The Reeds. Emitting some underground talk around the AFM floors, we caught one of the two screenings in hopes of discovering something special. While I can’t recommend this for everyone, fans of Triangle and Timecrimes might find something special here.

The Reeds follows a boating party that gets lost in the ancient waterways of the Norfolk Broads and finds itself victim of a terrifying secret hidden in The Reeds.

Beautifully shot and featuring a solid cast, this supernatural thriller grabs your interest from the get-go and keeps you long for the boating trip until the twist-laden conclusion. While I understand Chris Baker (Long Time Dead) was trying to bring something original to the table, it only become too much to swallow, especially when the meat of it has already been done several times before.

Ignoring the forced twist, The Reeds carries some incredibly tense moments like when one of the teens catches a glimpse of himself outside of the boat window. Another brilliant sequence is when the boat hits a steal rod that shoots through the bottom and impaling one of the young men. It doesn’t end there, as he remains alive as they cut the pipe off and lay him in bed with it sticking out of his gut.

One of the major problems with the film is that the finale is misleading. During most of the film the viewer is led to believe that there’s a creature running loose in the Reeds, while the finale reveals it to be something completely different. Remember the way you felt when you found out Jason Voorhees wasn’t the killer in the fifth Friday?

Again, this might hit the right beats for certain horror fans, while this reviewer felt a bit disappointed. It is a gorgeous movie that has moments that are sure to raise some eyebrows. It’s best going into the movie knowing that there’s no creature so there’s no disappointment. Expect this one on DVD.