Shark Night 3D - Bloody Disgusting!

Shark Night 3D

After displaying no knowledge of 3D whatsoever with The Final Destination, director David R. Ellis shows some growth with Shark Night 3D, a PG-13, end-of-summer kiddie horror show that’s nothing more than dumb fun.

“The story revolves around seven male and female college friends who spend a weekend at a lake house in Louisiana’s Gulf area. When their vacation quickly becomes a nightmare of hellish shark attacks, unheard of in freshwater lakes, they soon discover that the sharks are part of a sick, greedy plan on the part of several locals.” – official synopsis.

One of the biggest challenges with a shark horror flick is that once there’s a victim, how do you get the rest of the cast into the water? The script by Will Hayes and Jesse Studenberg is as smart as a film like this could be, doing its best to fill in logic gaps and make it believable. Unfortunately, the main problem is the motive for the main villains (ruined in the previous clips and trailer); the attempt to justify their big evil plan become a exposition heavy bore that drains the blood out of any built momentum.

Still, the movie is jam-packed with fun moments and hilarious kills, but it’s damaged by the forced PG-13 rating that leaves each victim being pulled underwater for a lackluster off screen demise. And even though Ellis shows he understands his crowd (a handful of shots open tight on cleavage or asses), there’s (obviously) no nudity. If you’re going to make an over-the-top 3-D B-movie, wouldn’t it make sense to have mind-blowing gore and gratuitous nudity?

Looking past the rating, the necessary CG sharks look amazing, amping up the much-needed 3D experience. Shark Night 3D must be seen in 3-D otherwise it’s completely useless.

Lower any expectations you may have had, expect a flurry of terrible acting and chalky exposition, and Shark Night 3D will deliver on a very minimal basis; it’s dumb fun on the lowest common denominator. Bored this weekend? It just might be worth taking a bite out of…

Official Score