[BD Review] ‘The Revenant’ Feeds Off The Funny Bone

  • http://www.facebook.com/bekki.leibert Bekki Leibert

    Absolutely LOVED this one!! Funny, twisted, and decent gore! What more could you ask for!?!?

  • lokijki

    Alright, I apologize, but could you please get rid of “irregardless?” It’s a silly word and “regardless” will do just fine.

    Again, sorry for nitpicking. Love the site and can’t wait to see this movie.

    • John Marrone

      You’re right ‘irregardless’ isn’t a real word. I like using it though, regardless. Sorry my use of the word irritated your irritable bowel syndrome. Glad you didn’t get too irrational about it, which makes sense, since these things aren’t irreversible.

      • lokijki

        Thanks for changing it, anyways. And that was a clever reply. 😛

        • John Marrone

          No problem. I like correcting mistakes that have been under my nose and repeated by me for years. Funny thing is spellcheck never flags it. Glad u didnt take offense to my wise ass reply, was just havin fun.

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    HA! I almost irrigated my pants reading that!