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[BD Review] Emo-Hipster ‘Warm Bodies’ Is Unique, Cute and Sorta Fun

It’s incredibly exciting to see director Jonathan Levine return to his horror roots. Since his teen masterpiece All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was buried by Dimension, among others, he’s gone on to direct some wonderful films. Now, he’s back in the genre with his adaptation of Warm Bodies, a Twilight-esque emo-hipster zombie film that’s charming, cute and sorta fun.

The film follows Nicholas Hoult as a zombie named “R” (because he can’t remember his name) who navigates the viewer through the film via his constant yammering. He falls for a human survivor, Julie (Teresa Palmer), who learns that zombies aren’t just black-hearted creatures of the night. Together they discover something that could change the world, which leads them on a dangerous journey.

Warm Bodies makes wonderful social commentary about how we’ve become a society obsessed with technology, so much so that we’ve put up giant walls, and thus need to learn how to connect again. It comes off a bit heavy-handed at times, as well as being a tad too on the nose and requiring the viewer to have a high level of suspension of disbelief.

And while the studio continually promised it’s not a “Twilight” zombie movie, without a shadow of doubt, it is. But, unlike the Twilight films, Warm Bodies is beautifully shot, features relatable characters, and a carries a romance that the viewer may actually connect with. There’s a lot to like about Warm Bodies, even if you’re into old school horror.

Still, the hardcore horror nuts may be turned off by the lack of violence and gore typically shrouding the zombie subgenre. There’s nothing but cutaways and implied violence, but the film isn’t about that – it’s about us, looking in a mirror and making changes to our cold-hearted lives… recognizing that we’re all zombies in the modern world. There’s something special about a film that actually has something to say, which is why Warm Bodies gets a soft pass. But don’t expect to fall love with the film as there’s still an inherent lack of intensity and excitement. Ultimately, Warm Bodies is a bold and unique new look at zombies in a way that’s more than just a faceless horde of undead creatures eating brains.



  • weresmurf

    Sounds pretty much exactly like what I thought it would be. Which is a good thing. I look forward to seeing it 😀

  • VersaVulture

    I thought it was FANTASTIC. From start to finish, I was so into this movie. Having read the book last summer, I knew what to expect, but I’m a huge Teresa Palmer fan as well as a Jonathan Levine fan. I hope people go to see it this weekend. I feel like people are going to compare it to Twilight, but it really is nothing like it at all.

  • anezka

    I still think that one of the best things in the movie is the references to Romeo and Juliet. They are everywhere! Even in the name of the couple (R and Julie).
    And I have to disagree when you say it’s like Twilight. It’s not. And the main differences are that Warm Bodies has more than a teen romance as content (with social criticism and other smart references) and it’s self-conscious in the way it makes fun of itself. For me, these two things change everything.

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