[BD Review] Cultish Thriller ‘Jug Face’ A Creepy Slow-Burn

  • John Marrone

    You hit this on the head. It feels small and simple but plays out like a good book, well paced even at a slow burn, and interesting. Lauren Ashley Carter nailed her role – and its (perhaps not) ironic that McKee produces over this, as she channels an embodiment that Angela Bettis would have had is she were younger. 7/10 – its got that familiar Moderncine domestic Hell thing going on on a family level, and its technically tight like most of the other films theyve done – making it sort of transcend what you’d normally get from an indie fling. Credit has to go to the screenwriter behind it who’d won a contest and got this noticed – its a good story. And original. Good acting. Moderncine has a great talent pool. Stage actors, underrated directors like Siverston. Cant wait for All Cheerleaders Must Die. The Lost was really violent and did that “color thing” better than Argento IMO. Thumbs up.