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[Review] ‘Wolf Creek 2’ Insanely Fun, Yet Grimy and Vicious!!

Back in 2005, when Greg McLean delivered is Aussie slasher Wolf Creek to the Sundance Film Festival, horror fans were clamoring for ultra-violent cinema. With films like Jeepers Creepers, Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cabin Fever, Freddy vs. Jason, Saw and Hostel reeking havoc on box office competitors, it was clear that “hardcore” was what the people wanted. That didn’t last long as Hollywood turned to J-horror reboots, remakes, and then found-footage subgenres – all of which have since died. What is it that people want from horror these days? Well, it’s unclear as we’re in a transition stage, but what I can tell you is that anything fun is going to work with audiences. Nearly a decade since its festival premiere, McLean has returned to the Outback with slasher Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) and his hunting tools, this time taking genre fans on a blast of a blood-soaked ride that’s so incredibly fun that it taps into the spirit of the later A Nightmare on Elm Street sequels.

Wolf Creek felt like a torture film, sort of in the vein of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The sequel approaches the subgenre from a completely different direction, this time by moving the pace and delivering hilarious set pieces that will have the audience cheering (I was in tears laughing when Mick Taylor mows over a troop of kangaroo with a truck).

And speaking of Mick Taylor, McLean makes the bold choice to turn him into the film’s protagonist/anti-hero. The sequel isn’t actually told from the perspective of new backpackers, but instead from the psycho eyes of the Outback slasher. This is what brings the Elm Street qualities out, and injects Wolf Creek 2 with an insane amount of joy. While it’s still brutal as hell (Taylor cuts off the penis of one of his prey), this time McLean lets the audience enjoy themselves instead of feeling like they were punched in the gut.

What also propels the film to greatness is that John Jarratt delivers one of the best slasher performance in history, turning Mick Taylor into a maniacal, hilarious, and still terrifying mass murderer.

Wolf Creek 2 is the slasher horror fans have been dying for; it’s like Crocodile Dundee, High Tension, Texas Chain Saw and Elm Street all mixed into one insanely fun, yet dirty, grimy and vicious slasher massacre. Wear a raincoat because you will get wet…



  • divisionbell

    Interesting. Loves the first one and now I’m excited to see what the sequel has in store. Mick was a great villain and really sold the first film. Can’t wait!

  • woodchuck

    I don’t see how they can turn him into an “anti-hero”. He just seemed like a pervy serial killer, a great character and I totally love Wolf Creek, but I definitely was not routing for the bad guy like I might in a Jason movie.

  • Jonny-Horror

    Sold. First one was great.

  • Ciristhan

    I liked it that I felt punched in the gut while watching Wolf Creek. Why shouldn’t the sequel be equally tough and uncomfortable? The fund approach seems a weird idea.

  • Johnv

    Gotta say I’m disappointed with the comedy aspect of it…. After waiting so long its a big let down :/

    • Johnv

      Mick was dark and twisted in the original and it was perfect for the role…. House of 1000 corpses was absurd and out there already so it was easy to turn the devils rejects into anti heroes…. Mick is just a twisted pervert…. and i think thats how people like him :S

  • Remember-Slithis

    I did not like Wolf Creek.I did like Micks performance but found the movie to be tedious with a weak payoff.More action and more Mick makes me want to get this from the library when it hits dvd.I’m not going to get fooled twice.I am happy that fans of the first are getting a sequel.

  • H666

    Saw this at FrightFest and personally i thought the change in tone was a mistake – totally watchable but no lasting impact, now just a run of the mill slasher with a few gags thrown in.

  • NixEclips

    I dunno. The first was dark and intense and worked. I don’t want to root for Mick. I shouldn’t have “fun” watching a Wolf Creek film. If I want “fun”, I’d just watch Hostel, again, and I don’t think I’ll do that.

    • Beneviolence

      First one was intense and creepy. The realism really helped. I liked it enough to give this one a chance but my expectations have dropped a little.

  • You summed this up perfectly!

  • Ethan

    Hated this movie with a passion. It tossed everything that made the first one great out the window.

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