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Greg McLean Says a Third ‘Wolf Creek’ Will Happen [Exclusive]



Wolf Creek 2

Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt) has become a slasher icon. After being brought to life by Greg McLean in Dimension Films’ Wolf Creek (2005), the Aussie slasher returned in a more fun and energetic sequel in 2013. The reception was so positive that McLean took his character and gifted fans with a short-run “Wolf Creek” television series. With the second season already released in Australia, we checked in with McLean to see if Taylor will ever return to the big screen.

Wolf Creek 3 will happen, it’s a matter of finding the right time to shoot the movie,” McLean revealed to me.

While a third trip to the Outback is in the cards, right now McLean is focusing on supporting a worldwide release of the “Wolf Creek” series.

“Right now we’re focused on the second epic season of the ‘Wolf Creek’ TV series, which just premiered in the UK and is coming out in the US via the POP network in October this year,” added McLean. “Fans have really embraced the new season and I’m very proud of this new installment. New story— new characters – and Mick is back and badder than ever.”

The new season is described as a six-part, high-end psychological thriller “pitting a diverse cast of characters against an inhospitable, remote landscape, whose lethal dangers are personified by the series’ infamous serial killer.”

In Season 2, “Mick Taylor sees an opportunity of a lifetime after a chance encounter with a coach full of tourists from around the globe. The unwitting travelers begin an outback adventure none of them could have imagined.”

McLean previously told us that Mick will “take his hobby of hunting and killing to shocking and chilling new levels as we delve deeper into his twisted psyche.

Season 2’s cast also includes Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant), Matt DayBen OxenbouldLaura WheelwrightStephen Hunter and Chris Haywood.


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