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Review: “Umbral” #6

Stabbing, jumping out of windows, and magic. Also, there’s nasty looking demons that kill you and take your shape and memories. “Umbral” #6 opened my eyes to another world where swords, guns, thieves, scientists, wizards and scary monsters run around together. Is it worth sticking around? Is there more to discover? Yes, and I think you’ll love it too.
WRITTEN BY: Antony Jonhston
ART BY: Christopher Mitten
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: 30 April 2014

I’ve been surprised more and more lately how fantasy comic books are popping up and breathing new life into the genre. Thanks to hit TV shows like Game of Thrones, people’s appetite for swords and sorcery is peaking right now. Writer Antony Jonhston has built up a thought-provoking world where crystals can be powerful and guns are the high tech achievement. I think there’s some dimension-hopping implied in this issue too.

The rag-tag group readers are following includes a thief, a wizard, a “zealot”, and a scientist/monk. It’s such a great mix that I must applaud Johnston for making it all seems so refreshing. The artwork by Christopher Mitten the Illuminator, Jordan Boyd the Painter and Thomas Mauer the Flourisher (great job titles) really give this world a weighted substance in each panel. There is plenty of grime and darkness to explore as well as beautiful castles and dream-like realities.

Although this is the final chapter of Book One, it’s not at all anticlimactic. It’s full of hooks for the future. Creators Johnston and Mitten have really just scratched the surface of this tale. This world seems to have all kinds of themes/genres running around together. I’m fascinated to see how they will play collectively in Book Two starting in July 2014.

Review by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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