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Review: “The Field” #2

Ed Brisson slowly builds outward from his engaging mystery and as things become a little clearer the insanity never slows down. Razor sharp dialogue, a story ripe with intrigue, and gritty art make “The Field” #2 some of the cheapest and most fulfilling debauchery money can buy.

TheField_02-1WRITTEN BY: Ed Brisson
ART BY: Simon Roy
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: May 14, 2014

Our mysterious protagonist now has a name. He’s got a following and we’ve got way more questions. The larger implications of Grant’s existence are beautifully and weirdly elaborated upon this month, but it’s still Christian who steals the show.

The ham-fisted action is easily balanced with exposition of what is actually going on. Or maybe, it’s still hard to tell what should be taken as truth. Brisson carefully plants seeds of history between all of his supporting characters. We come to learn that Grant is a mysterious figure known as “the source.” And a lot of people are very concerned for his wellbeing.

Christian still comes off as an insane and relentless psychopath, but he’s an absolute joy to watch. His dialogue is hysterical. Brisson finds new ways to avoid swearing that only add to Christian’s huffing and puffing struggle to protect Grant. His motivation still isn’t clear at all but any theories about him still being a good man will wash away within the first two pages. This bible thumper is a maniac.

Simon Roy revels in drawing the veiny, sweaty, and dirty denizens of “The Field.” He has an air of hyperrealism to his work that elevates the violence to something like late night cartoon. It’s shocking but casual. Think the hyper detailed moments in Ren and Stimpy add in buckets of blood and you are halfway there. This month you’ll see a man’s face turned to pulp by the pavement and a shit stained bathroom! Crafted with such an attention to disgusting detail that have you in awe.

There is something magical about this book. It’s incredibly aware of its own existence and carves itself out as something to watch. It’s got a phenomenal sense of humor, a deep an involving mystery, and a breakneck pace. You’ll be rocketed from cover to cover and laughing the whole way. It’s cheesy and self-reflexive. So if Brisson and Roy can stick the landing with these final two issues than “The Field” will be one of the most entertaining miniseries I’ve ever read.

“The Field” is an absolute must buy thanks to insane action, weird humor, and a touch of science fiction. It’s a compelling mystery that doesn’t concern itself within anything other than entertaining the reader. You can tell everyone involved is having a ton of fun, and debauchery on display here will make even the weirdest grindhouse films feel like child’s play. This is the cheapest bump n’ grind you can find at your local comic book store or otherwise.



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