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Review: “MPH” #1



Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady

Remember Mark Millar? He blazed trails for big comic titles like “Ultimates” and “The Authority”, and then started making his own titles. And thus Millarworld was born and grown and grown. The latest world has had only one superhuman and he went real fast. All that plus speed, drugs, double-crosses, and vision boards. I think “MPH” #1 is the first leg of what is looking like a good run.
WRITTEN BY: Mark Millar
ART BY: Duncan Fegredo
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: 21 May 2014

I like going fast. I think everyone has imagined that. That’s why car chases are fun to watch. If you’ve ever watched any NASCAR races or highlights, you know the best parts are the crashes. Heaven forbid anyone gets hurt…but it’s so thrilling to see it when they happen. I think writer Mark Millar is going to take down a similar track.

Our new speedster, Roscoe Rodriguez, was mapping out his life plan with his sweetheart. Sounds sweet, right? It’s the fact that he’s a middle-of-the-pack thug working for a Michigan gangster that makes his dream boarding so fascinating and bizarre. You never really think about gangsters and their drug runners having bigger dreams than being criminals, do you? There are plenty of ways for this story to go into. Knowing Millar’s past work, I think this will be a story of merriment and hopefully some carnage too.

The art by Duncan Fegredo is granular and grubby exactly when it needs to be. This world isn’t polished and vivid. I’m reminded of Sean Phillips’ Sleeper and Criminal works in the best ways. Nothing looks like it’s out of place. I’m already imagining these pages as storyboards for the movie version coming soon to a theater near you.

I think “MPH” #1 is on a good pace to show us a how much trouble and fun a minor thug can get into with major super speed. While the pace started slowly, I imagine that’s the plan. I predict this series will pick up momentum and hopefully finish well.