Scala And Kolacny Brothers Release Video For "My December" Linkin Park Cover

Scala & Kolacny Brothers have released a video for their cover of Linkin Park‘s “My December”. The track comes from their non-traditional holiday inspired album December (iTunes). You can watch the video and see the track list for the album below.

From the official press release: The idea for the album grew out of a recent concert that was to be broadcast on Christmas day. In search of interesting songs ideas, the group asked fans on its Facebook page to suggest their favorite alternative holiday gems. A couple of hours later, they had a list of over 140 songs and the roots of December, says Steven Kolacny. “The shortlist of songs seemed perfect. They sounded heavenly but none of the songs was really well-known, which makes the CD even more surprising. Of course, the word ‘Christmas’ can be heard frequently, but not in cliché lyrics, which people usually hear at this time of the year. Most of the songs seem like a perfect sound track for December days…” READ MORE