The Beautiful Cigar Girl

Joaquin Phoenix (Signs, Gladiator, 8MM) will be playing Edgar Allen Poe in the period piece that recounts the last days of Poe where he attempted to solve a local murder in his fictional magazine serial featuring “Dupin”. You can read a bit more about it here.


Listing On Animator's Resume Could Point To A 'Dead Rising 3' Reveal, Possibly From New Studio

This is exciting. Or could be, if it ends up being true. Animator Jeremie Passerin recently listed Dead Space 3 – Game Cinematic among the projects he’s worked on at Blur Studios. This could mean there’s a trailer on the way for the game, or it could be a mistake (though I’m going to hope it’s the former). Dead Rising 3 has been alarmingly silent for some time now, but zombies are bigger than ever now so I don’t see why Capcom wouldn’t want to officially unveil another game in the wacky franchise. What makes this even more exciting is Blur is the studio behind some of the most memorable video game trailers of all time, including Batman: Arkham City, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, BioShock 2, and many more.

In related news, Capcom Vancouver — the studio that developed Dead Rising 2, Case Zero, and Case West — is hiring for a brand new game they’re saying won’t have zombies in it. This could mean a new developer has picked up the reigns for the third game, assuming it’s in development.


Visceral Game Designer CV Outs Dead Space 3 And Army of Two 3

Come on EA, we know it’s coming, just announce it already. It’s been listed by game retailers, you’ve been hiring people to work on it, we know what engine it could be using, and we even know about Isaac’s growing insanity and its icy setting on a mysterious new planet called Tau Volantis. At this point Dead Space 3 is no secret, but just in case you’re still a little skeptical, a CV for a game designer at Visceral Games has just added a little more fuel to the fire. Also listed is Army of Two 3–hopefully not the final title, but even if it were it’d still be better than Army of Two: The 40th Day. It’s looking more and more likely that we’ll be seeing an official reveal at E3 in June. Now if they can get it out this year I think that’d make 2012 the best year ever for horror fans.