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Removing the Magic from ‘The Santa Clause’ Trailer Turns it into a Horror Film

In 1994 Walt Disney Pictures released the family holiday film, The Santa Clause, in which funnyman Tim Allen accidentily kills the real Santa Claus on Christmas Eva, only to find himself magically recruited to take his place.

I recently revisited the film on Netflix and, even though it’s a light-hearted family film, it’s actually pretty dark. Because Allen kills Santa on Christmas Eve, the film takes place over a year. Over that year, his son sounds like a lunatic (telling everyone around him his father is Santa Claus), while his ex-wife and new husband think his father is putting the idea in his head. On the surface it’s fun, but deep down it’s borderline psychotic.

Someone else noticed this and realized that with one simple stroke of a keypad they could turn this holiday classic into a psychological horror film. All this person needed to do was remove the elements of magic from The Santa Clause.

Tim Allen’s mental breakdown brings him to believe he is the real Santa Clause,” explains the YouTube creator. “His madness persuades his son Charlie which causes turmoil amongst the family.

There are some brilliant edits here, especially the one in which he makes the ex-wife call out the fact that Tim Allen’s purposely changing his physical appearance to look like Santa Claus, along with the shot of him staring into the family’s window during dinner.

There’s a lot of remixed trailers out there, but this is one of the best…



  • festivvl

    I usually hate these re-cut trailers but this is amazing, holy shit!!

  • This was awesome. Wouldn’t watch it but having seen this movie growing up, it’s awesome to see a darker side. Psychotic for sure.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    wow didn’t think THAT was possible to do

  • Industrialist Machinist

    Top Kek

  • Matt

    Rework that court scene with eerie music. So Charlie, did your psychotic dad kill someone, yes sir, he asked the neighbor to help him with lights on the roof, but said it would be funny if he dressed in Santa’s outfit, then killed him, and claimed he is Santa now. He drugged me with LCD, and took me to his underground camp where other children are drugged into believing they are Elfs.

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