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Artist’s Hand-Painted Ornaments Bring Horror Icons Onto Your Christmas Tree

If your Christmas tree doesn’t look like a Halloween tree, you’re doing it wrong.

Hallmark has turned a few horror icons into collectible ornaments in recent years, including Alien‘s Xenomorph and the shark from Jaws, but you still won’t find much out there if you’re looking for horror-themed Christmas decorations. Thankfully, many fans have taken matters into their hands, hand-making and selling ornaments of their own.

Horror Decor is a great place to start, offering up several horror icon ornaments.

Artist Lee Howard, the man behind those lovably gruesome “Quiet Room Bears,” is also offering up horror ornaments this year, hand painted on traditional ball ornaments.

So far, Howard is selling ornaments of Pennywise (1990 & 2017), Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam, Ghostface, Saw’s Billy puppet and Jack Skellington, with more coming soon.

Grab your favorite for $16.29 in Lee’s Etsy shop!



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