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Jessica Lange is 100% Done With “American Horror Story”

Although we all knew it, Jessica Lange has confirmed that she has no further interest in appearing Ryan Murphy’s horror series “American Horror Story“. Lange appeared in the first four seasons of the show, which is going to enter it’s sixth season this fall.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Lange states, “No. Ya know, I had four years with that. Four seasons and each year was a marvelous character. But no. Sometimes you come to the end of something.” The full interview can be seen below.

The upcoming sixth season will apparently merge two ideas Murphy had for the show, including something operatic and something with children. More can be read about that here.



  • J Jett

    that’s a shame. Jessica was amazing in each season she was in (even the terrible FREAK SHOW).

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Do you not think (as someone else has said above) that although she was excellent, she played pretty much the same person in every season ? Her best without a shadow of a doubt was season 1.

  • Khy

    American Horror Story needs to come to a close if they can’t improve next season. For a show that prides itself on starting fresh each year it’s feeling pretty stale…

  • Bill Wilson

    I love and hate this show. It often has interesting ideas but it rarely executes them well. It could also do with toning down the obnoxious preaching of social justice.

  • Taboo

    I don’t blame her, the show has gone downhill.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    Gonna combine something operatic and something with children….
    The Vienna Boys’ Choir?

  • DJV1985

    I like the first series and the one with the coven but that was about it for me. They’ve not managed to beat either of those series yet. I think maybe the show should stop relying on the same cast members over and over again. I know some people think that it’s great having them back and yes as cameo or bit parts it can work but when you have most of them as the lead characters for every series it can become grating because you fall in love with them as one character and in the next series they are completely different and not as well done as their previous character.

    I’m hoping the next series will have something to do with aliens. I know not many people like that idea but done right it could be great. They’ve done ghosts, witches, vampires I mean what’s wrong with a little E.T action that isn’t just one episode.

  • aNYagenda

    Haven’t seen it.
    Isn’t it made by the same guy who did Glee?

  • Simon Allen

    She was pretty much the best thing about it …..even when the show was bad she was always great .
    Personally i think Asylum was the best season all the elements seem to come together and for me it was truly scary , probably the only season that was .

  • Evi

    Lange’s done with AHS (which, good for her, it’s been a shitshow since after the second season) but not with Murphy. She’s going to be in his new series Feud.

  • Lady of the Profaned Capital

    What a coincidence! I’m completely done with AHS too…

    • Cynjok

      Haha, me too. About three seasons ago. All the talented actors couldn’t make up for the bad writing.

      • Spencer Rutt

        Wow, good to see someone sharing the same opinion. Season 1 and 2 were great. and… that is all.

        • K-Dogg

          Here, here….

  • macguffin54

    I think she had said years ago that she might take some seasons off and then return. But I think Lady Ha Ha (not a typo–shade) put the nail in the coffin on her return.

    Frankly, it never was very good. It’s the TV equivalent of Subway sandwiches. They look good, sound like they will be good. But once you get into it they are bland and banal, over-“produced” but underdeveloped. They start out with good ideas but just write random stories using the characters. And when there are only a couple of contractually obligated episodes left they have stuff happen to end it. Very poorly plotted, the stories have no direction. And the horror is cheesy. They try to mimic horror without understanding it. So it comes off insincere and convoluted, like a big budget, PG-13 remake of a gory horror story.

    But Lange was always a good bitch on the show. 😉

    • J Jett

      macguffin, i also think that Lange may have not wanted to return now that Gaga is a part of the show.

  • HOTEL certainly spoiled the AHS for many, myself included. Surely Lange and Frances Conroy were watching thinking of how lucky they were to get out while the show was fresh.

    • J Jett

      HOTEL, while not amazing, is still infinitely better than FREAK SHOW ever was. IMO.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        I couldn’t get passed episode 3 of Hotel. I think I checked out of Freakshow episode 6.

      • I think the problem with Freak Show was that it was just weird, perhaps as expected. Hotel was too ‘glossy’. If you’re doing AHS and vampires – make the vampires scary. IMO the best performance in Hotel was by Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor. I want to see them do something gritty like Asylum again.

  • Spencer Rutt

    AHS has sooo jumped the shark and believability and cohesive story telling after season 2… Go ahead, start calling me an idiot. 🙂

  • Technocality

    Although Jessica Lange is a marvelous actor, she is not the whole show. I always felt like she portrayed, basically the same exact character for every passing season: Manipulative, wicked, cruel and egocentric bitch. If she doesn’t want to return, then so be it. The show needs to find itself without her. But most importantly, it needs to go back to its horror roots, and create compelling characters like the first 3 seasons (unpopular opinion, I know, but Coven is my favorite season, besides the first one, and I always preferred it, over Season 2).

    The popular consensus, seems to be that the show started declining in quality at Season 4, although Finn Wittrock really elevated it with his performance. By far, my favorite thing about Season 4, is his character.

    Sadly, Season 5 didn’t have any redeeming qualities at all. Not even Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Finn Wittrock or Evan Peters could outshine the horrible (no pun intended) rehashed plot lines from Murder House and weak character development, and just generally, weak characters overall. Well, Evan Peters did exceptionally well this season – actually, his best performance yet on the show – but one person alone, isn’t enough to redeem everything when it comes to a show such as this. Especially not, when the story is exceptionally dull compared to previous entries, and the horror is pretty much nonexistent at this part. I mean, what happened to Gollum after he crawled out of the mattress in the hot Swedish chicks’ room? So many missed opportunities…

    Just being blunt here, and this is strictly my personal opinion.

    • kmtb

      I haven’t seen Season 5 yet but Freak Show sucked. I couldn’t make it but 3 episodes in. I loved the first and second season. Season 3 I also loved but honestly only because Kathy Bates. She was both a despicable character and the funniest character I’ve seen in any show in a long time. Which was odd it being horror and all. Her cartoonish racism though was just hilarious.

      • Technocality

        Yeah, Kathy Bates was pretty much my favorite thing about Season 3 too, but I also loved the theme they went with in the 3rd season, which is maybe why I liked it so much. Her, Angela Bassett and Papa Legba were my favorite things about it definitely.

        You are not missing out on much after Season 3 though, unless you’re a completionist like myself. Except for Finn Wittrock’s villain in Season 4, he was extraordinary.

  • OctoberLIBRA

    FreakShow was terrible. Hotel was okay. Coven was good . Aslym was the best

  • Halloween_Vic

    Honestly the concept they have floating around with ”opera” and ”opera children” already sounds awful. So I don’t blame her for not wanting to return.

  • Simon Allen

    Seeing as how we are supposed to be talking about Madame Lange here …i will add that FreakShow was terrible but seeing her sing Life on Mars was worth wading through the rest of the crap on show.

  • I thought Jessica was great throughout – although it’s a shame that she was always inevitably the hard-luck bad guy. I hope Frances Conroy isn’t of the same mindset as I think she has been brilliant throughout too. I know it was a spoof, but the idea of American Horror Story: Apocalypse would rock… My main hope for the next season is that it is actually creepy and scary again, like Asylum. Just throwing potential ideas out there: AHS: Rapture.

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    this was the most hit or miss tv show i have ever seen.

    some of it was fucking brilliant, other bits were pure garbage (not in a good way).
    she was the best part of the entire thing.

    • So true, it wasn’t even able to stay consistent throughout seasons or episodes. It would go from great to crap in a single scene switching the character focused on. It jammed way too subplots into each season so some of the scenes were unbearable.

      I wish the DVD’s gave you the ability to choose a character and watch their story play out, even with the overlapping parts. That would make it 100 times better. Like in Asylum just erase all the alien nonsense. The season wasn’t perfect outside of that story but it would have went from good to great without it.

  • sliceanddice

    I am a huge horror fan and could not get past the first couple of eps of AHS – it was a complete bag of wank

    • I started with season 2, “Asylum”, and really enjoyed that. I went back to watch the first season, “Murder House”, and couldn’t get into it. Asylum wasn’t perfect but it was good. There were too many subplots going in it but it might be better binge watching. I’d recommend that season. A friend of mine loves the series except for the Asylum season, while that was the only one I enjoyed.

      I tried and failed to get into the “Coven” & “Freak Show” seasons also. I might have given Freak Show a bit longer than 1 episode if Coven didn’t make me lose interest in the whole series. Never bothered with “Hotel”.

      • sliceanddice

        interesting. i’ll take a look. thanks.

  • Amy

    You left out Murder House.

  • Amy

    Good for her, I stopped watching in the middle of the Freak Show season . I had suspected in the Coven series that the ship was sinking, bringing in Stevie Nicks to rack up credits basically doing a music video and nothing else (not even meeting the character that idolized her) in that final episode was completely stupid, and revealed that the show knew it was grasping at straws. I was glad to see Basset and Bates join the cast that year, but it also felt like a foreshadowing of a lackluster story that the casting director felt the need to pull in two major players to pull off the season and give credibility to the storyline.

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