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“American Horror Story: Season 6” Theme Revealed

Update: A photo from Romika Annabell Osorio posted on Instagram confirms her involvement in the show along with Kathy Bates and Cuba Gooding Jr.

It looks like FX’s “American Horror Story” is going back in time once again as it’s been revealed that the sixth season will tackle the mystery of the Roanoke Colony disappearance. Set photos posted by TMZ reveal period locations and the ace in the hole is a photograph of a tree with the word “Croatoan” carved into it.

The disappearance of 118 colonists in the late 16th century has long baffled historians who are uncertain of where these people could’ve gone. There are theories that the colonists carved the word “Croatoan” into a fence post as a way of letting anyone who stumbled across their deserted outpost know that they moved to Croatoan island, which has since been renamed Hatteras Island. However, that hasn’t been confirmed and there are still rumors persisting of something more supernatural having occurred.

According to FX CEO John Landgraf, the sixth season of the show will be, “…set in two time periods…but principally in the present.” It’ll be interesting to see how these two parallel storylines interact with one another. However, knowing “American Horror Story”, they’ll figure out a rather…interesting way for everything to have some sort of cohesion.

It’s been confirmed that Lady Gaga will be returning to the show but no other casting news has been confirmed. We hope to see Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson and Finn Wittrock return.



  • Calum Sanderson

    Lost interest in Hotel but definitely sounds like a good season this year. Wish Lange was back though.

  • Se_7_eN

    If they are using the disappearing Roanoke colony as a story then either the teaser trailers have NOTHING to do with the story or…. This season will be a a giant convoluted shit show like last season.

    • Peter Evans

      Calm the fuck down???? seriously it will probably be a small side story…

      • Khy

        Ha! Un huh

    • Khy

      Most likely the latter as always.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Somehow it will all be because of S&M enthusiasts.

  • zombie84_41

    Hmmmm. I’m kind of on the fence with this idea. It could be very well and creepy or it could suck huge ass. I’m hoping for something very well done since Hotel and Freak Show and Covent, weren’t as good as Asylum and Murder House.

    • thegreatiandi

      There is nothing wrong with huge ass suckage dude lol

      • zombie84_41

        HAHA well if thats the case give me more tits and porn acting LOL


    I’m down. Always been intrigued by this. Can’t wait for this season to begin.

  • K-Dogg

    Could you please introduce 20 storylines, and only wrap up 2 of them? Sweet, thnx.

    • Khy

      Ryan Murphy: We got chu!

    • J Jett

      K-Dogg, LOL!! so true! 🙂

  • Khy

    Great theme but I wouldn’t mind if they toned down some of the craziness. Don’t get me wrong, I understand American Horror Story will always have outrageous stories and characters and twisted dark humor- but Hotel veered way off into outer space. I gave up after episode 3 I think.

    I think they need to scale it back a bit and take it back to the tone and style of Season 1. Ya know, back when the show was actually kinda creepy and not just some giant Lady Gaga Halloween Special(Hotel) or a fucked up episode of Glee(Freakshow).

    With seasons 1-3 there was a story at the center of all the craziness. But these past two seasons were nothing but the writers thinking of the most weirdest and craziest things and then simply writing around it.

    • thegreatiandi

      100% agreed.

  • J Jett

    by “theme” i thought you mean the musical opening AHS theme. oops. but the Roanoke Colony thing could be very creepy/cool. i no longer get my hopes up with this show (ever since Coven). so i will not expect a coherent focused season and maybe i’ll be pleasantly surprised. Murphy/the writers have severe cases of ADD/ADHD to where there’s 2,541 different storylines and maybe, just maybe 3 of said storylines actually wrap up at all or in a satisfying way. i miss the AHS MURDER HOUSE/AHS ASYLUM days.

    • Khy

      Unfortunately that’s how most Murphy shows go. He always comes up with these brilliant unique ideas for television (Nip/Tuck, Glee, Horror Story, Scream Queens) and they are superb for the first two seasons and then after that- they nose dive.
      I think Murphy should stick to miniseries. Something contained and finite.

      • J Jett

        Khy, that’s so true! i’ve even read several articles on different sites pointing out how Murphy’s shows are good for the first season or two and then turn to crap.

        • Khy

          He gets bored. He puts his all into his shows for like the first two years and then he moves on to something else and leaves that show to decompose.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    If you use Google you will find out 99% of the cast (excluding Jessica Lange) are returning.

  • Khy

    Oh forgot to comment about Cuba Gooding Jr. Great casting! Hopefully Courtney B. Vance and Selma Blair will crossover from Crime Story too.

  • Well…she’s probably about to get written off the show. I’ve heard how Murphy/AHS are super strict with social media postings. Nothing groundbreaking in what she’s said, but Cuba Gooding hasn’t been announced yet, right?

    • J Jett

      yeah, Cuba’s being on this show is news to me. i wonder if she’s referring to just meeting him (and becoming friends with him) from Murphy’s OJ Simpson show (where Cuba played OJ)?

    • Khy

      Not officially at least.

  • Louis

    Spoiler alert: Bodies of people from Roanoke colony were found buried on Croatoan island long ago. It hasn’t been much of a mystery for many moons now.

  • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

    The idea sounds infinitely more interesting than the previous three seasons but Murphy will never capture the magic of Asylum again. The previous three seasons sounded boring from the beginning. Although this base idea sounds good you just know it’s gonna be a drama for teenage girls. Fill it with some hamfisted social commentary about how gays are oppressed or some shit, five different love triangle sub-plots, a bunch of women arguing and being catty towards one another, boom, you got seasons 3 – 5 of AHS, and very likely to be number 6.

    • Khy

      Asylum was a masterpiece. Seriously, the way the writers juggled all those characters and storylines and time periods and tied them together in the end- simply amazing. Asylum was the PEAK of this show.

      • Bee

        Bring back Jessica leave Gaga to the music.

        • daleylife

          I agree. Gaga can’t act.

          • Haus Of Dolezal

            Gaga can act, but Jessica is way better. she is probably involved with some other projects anyway.

    • Kruger

      Yeah, but the episode from Freakshow when Lange sings the cover of “Gods and Monsters” while Edward Mordrake comes to take some souls is a Masterpiece.

  • Cher

    That’s a storyline lifted directly from the Syfy show Haven.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Cuba Gooding? Bummer count me out

  • Halloween_Vic

    Sounds boring to be honest, they couldn’t come up with something better?

  • Kruger

    Shit, I thought they were gonna do aliens infiltrating society like promo in the thumbnail suggested. Fuck…

  • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

    That and the whole Dandy storyline (sans his undeserved death) were fantastic. It just makes me so frustrated two awesome elements were surrounded by such garbage.

  • DarkBree

    I don’t know how I fell about this. I just expected a better theme. Oh well, I always say I’m giving up this show, but every season I give it another chance to see if it can improve, but it never does.

    • AdamX

      This and Gotham are my secret shame.

  • Linda Herd

    Entirely too much Lady GaGa in season 5. She’s not the actress Jessica Lange is. I sure hope they don’t make that mistake again.

    • Kathy bates is pretty much the name star who is replaced Jessica Lange(who I’m sure might cameo in the eventual seasons finale’s final episode of AHS[in the near future]),otherwiset his looks to be a prequel upon how the supernatural evil was birthed and has since lived on throughout its five(and now six) seasons.

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