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Latest “American Horror Story ?6” Promo Suggests It’s All Been an Illusion

A brand new promo for FX’s “American Horror Story ?6” has been released and it mixes footage from pretty much every single promo that has already come out for the sixth season. The video uses music from star Lady Gaga’s brand new single “Perfect Illusion”, which you can hear below, which brings up the possibility that everything we’ve seen so far has been a misdirection, even though both TV Guide and Comcast/Xfinity have both suggested that the theme is based upon the promo titled “The Mist“. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when “American Horror Story” premieres next Wednesday, September 14th.

FX CEO John Landgraf explained that when it comes to the teasers, “One is accurate; all the rest are misdirect.” He continued, “We decided, Ryan [Murphy] and I and [marketing president] Stephanie Gibbons, that it would be really fun this year…to keep it a mystery. There is a theme and a setting and a place and time, but we’re not going to reveal it,” per IndieWire.

Sarah Paulson joins Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Romika Annabell Osorio. We’re still waiting to hear if Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson or Finn Wittrock will return.



  • Mauricio C

    ,Maybe, it’s just promo? I mean, Gaga was the image of Hotel, they kinda owe it to her? The song in theother hand is fresh, rocky and catchy, and it fits in a very strange way with the teaser…

    • Cage Ata

      Definitely a banger man

      • MildManneredReporter

        She literally was just screaming for thirty seconds. Not sure what banger you speaking of. Also I never been annoyed with a TV show promo in my entire life. All these misdirects and etc didn’t make me Interested at all just annoyed.

        • Cage Ata

          You didn’t like it? That’s chill, but when my foots tapping and my heads bopping and I’m unaware.. I’d call that a banger.

          • MildManneredReporter

            that’s pretty sad. but to each his own

          • GarthD

            Is it LITERALLY sad?

          • Jeff Eastwood

            People nowadays have no idea how to correctly use the word.

          • MildManneredReporter

            Yes, yes it is.

        • GarthD

          Actually, that LITERALLY is not what she was doing at all.

          • MildManneredReporter

            yes LITERALLY it was

          • GarthD

            You’re LITERALLY wrong.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    They just need to release a promo of what we all know it is. American Horror Story: The Mist. Instead of these useless promos. The show starts next week already so be upfront

    • Michael Gevins

      It’s a Promo for the Promo of the Promo by the Promo with a Promo.

    • Shayla Francis

      It may not be the mist though, I checked my PVR last night to make sure it was going to record next week and it does not even give a description of the episode, or an episode title… and well it just says American Horror Story

    • Satanzilla

      Why? Why do you have to know ahead of time?

      • Jason Scarpelli


  • Well, I’m more surprised that Gaga has a new single and I was completely unaware. Remedied.

  • “New American Horror Story 6 teaser suggests people are bored of the American Horror Story 6 teasers already”

    • Matt

      This season, and the first episode specifically, better be some of the best television ever produced. If not, ratings will sink quicker than a stone boat. Then their new promo will be “Welcome to the final season of American Horror Story.”

      • Satanzilla

        Yep. I haven’t watched since season 2. Well I tried every season but they all became “horror according to tumblr.”

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      You do realize that watching them is optional right?

      • Unless you live in the UK, then it’s just a constant bombardment of articles talking about teasers that I’m not able to watch anyway

  • Matt

    After watching this promo, I think the new season will be about banshees. After all, there was a horrible screeching heard throughout the spot. (Wait, what? Lady Gaga you say? Oops, sorry!)

  • Shayla Francis

    I am actually starting to get annoyed with the promos, yet very excited for the show to start up again next Wednesday!

  • Ed Johnson

    Doesn’t surprise me they need to create excitement, they Damn well know the show has taken been suffering.

  • Maxime C

    This long running guess has me bored.

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers


    • Orvilla Bedinbacher


  • Trisha Tachanawa

    The contest they were doing where you pick which promo is the theme for the season, I don’t believe the mist promo was an option. Just pointing that out. Im just ready to see the first episode now, even if it sucks Im sure the opening credits will be great like all the rest. SN: I follow a guy on snapchat who is involved with the show this season, he didnt give away his character or anything about the story, he just said its going to be scary as hell and a real treat for the fans of the show.

  • Otterlee

    Still leaning towards a Jersey Devil type thing, maybe set in Roanoke with the baby being responsible for the disappearance of the colony? 13th kid, half alien, growing up in a Puritan village?

  • Brett

    If its a typical AHS season, every teaser will be accurate because it will be about everything.

  • DarkBree

    Only 5 days and we don’t know the theme yet.

    • Satanzilla

      So what? Good. Why do so many people so desperately want to be told ahead of time what’s going to be in a story they’re about to watch?

      • DarkBree

        We are just curious, that’s all.

  • Dee-abolik

    Could it be that – it’s just an illusion

    putting me back – in all this confusion

  • Jason Scarpelli
  • fiendish_vixen

    It has become a bit annoying at this point, fun at first, now over it.

  • Ted C

    ALl the people posting how they are annoyed just proves how short the attention span is of Americans these days.

  • enemy

    They were doing so well with the promo teasers, but now its back to the pop camp stuff it looks like.

  • Adaaification

    I dont know. Every season starts strong and then it all goes downhill from there. The plot is sometimes very stupid, but the music and the visuals are stunning. Nothing makes sense, but it fits nicely in the chaos that every season unleashed. I gave up long time ago and just had fun with the visual style of every season.

  • Jeremy Kuehnau

    Some seasons are better than others. I think the biggest problem is the fact it feels like a lot of times the writers are just trying to do SO MUCH.

    I loved season 1 and I was annoyed it ended the way it did and that was the end of that story. I wanted to know MORE about the first season and wasn’t given that.

    The second season was just all over the fucking place. Too much going on with aliens, mutant asylum patients, a possible demonic possession. I didn’t have fun with that one.

    The third season was pretty good and I felt like it was more focused than the first season, but once again, as we got deeper into the season, it just got more and more convoluted and by the time that season ended, I lost all interest.

    Season four, was the carney folks story I believe and for whatever reason, it just didn’t grasp me at all.

    For whatever reason, season five just fell flat. I liked how it started, but then I kind of just ignored it. I don’t know what it was ABOUT it, I just didn’t care for it.

    Here’s hoping season 6 is pretty good. It’s a nice idea overall, having a new horror story every season, but I really wish the writing was a little more focused and not all over the fucking place.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    the video doesnt work

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