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NBC Bringing “The Munsters” to Brooklyn for Sitcom Reboot

Second time’s a charm?

NBC and Bryan Fuller attempted to re-animate popular sitcom “The Munsters” back in 2012 with “Mockingbird Lane,” a planned TV series that amounted to nothing more than a one-hour Halloween special. But they’re trying again, Deadline reports tonight.

The network is rebooting “The Munsters” once more as a half-hour, single-camera sitcom that “follows members of an offbeat family who are determined to stay true to themselves but struggle to fit in in hipster Brooklyn.”

Yes, Herman and the gang will deal with hipsters in Brooklyn.

“Odd Mom Out” creator Jill Kargman will write the script and executive produce with Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions’ Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker.

“The Munsters” originally aired for just two seasons between 1964 and 1966.



  • Graham

    Well this sounds (marginally) better than Mockingbird Lane. As long as it’s true to the characters (which Mockingbird Lane very much was not), then I’d be interested in checking it out.

    • Chip

      …How exactly would that have worked? They tried that in the 80s. It failed to make it past three seasons, and the only awards it ever won was for MAKEUP (Because that’s something a daytime comedy competes fiercely)

      This is such a frustrating mentality.

      • Graham

        Nowhere did I say they should simply recreate the original series like they did in the 80s. I agree that that would be pointless. I’m just saying the most recent reboot attempt did not make any real effort to maintain the core essence of the characters (and failed). There are ways to update characters and properties in a fresh way while still incorporating what worked about the original. There’s no real point in rebooting it, otherwise.

        • Chip

          They had no core. They were boring family sitcom tropes that happened to be monsters.

        • Mister3mpty

          The core essence of the characters is that Grandpa is Dracula, Herman is The Frankenstein monster, Eddie is a werewolf, and Lily is a vampire and they live naturally among normal people. Mockingbird Lane stayed pretty true to the core essence to me??

          • Graham

            I suppose what the core essence is, is debatable. I just thought that making them all look very human and turning them into “actual” monsters was a far cry from the original where they were comparatively harmless, but looked less human. But I guess it’s all a matter of opinion.

          • Mister3mpty

            So you just want them to redo the original? I’m not sure I see the need? Maybe I don’t understand the point of remaking something. I

          • Graham

            Well maybe I don’t either. If it’s too close, then it’s pointless as a remake. If it’s too different, then it’s pointless as a remake. Maybe The Munsters are just better left in the past. But I’m hopeful!

      • Tan Shearer

        Just because a TV show is short lived doesn’t mean it was bad. The original Munsters and Addams Family only ran for 2 seasons. Other short lived TV shows are Father Ted, Friday the 13th/Friday’s Curse, American Gothic, Goosebumps, many cartoons etc. and I consider them all classics. It’s quality not quantity. Besides most long running shows decline after every season. Also ever think that some shows end because they want to? Not every show ends because of ratings. Father Ted for example ended because the creators felt it would just get stale after the 3rd season and they’ve done everything they wanted to so they bowed out gracefully. It was nothing to do with ratings in fact they were pretty much the highest rated Irish show at that point in 1998.

  • DoomWolf

    I would like it if they were a new generation of Munsters, with grandpa Eddie. I mean bring Butch Patrick back, come on!

    • Chip

      Nope. If it’s not exactly like the original, it’s blasphemy.

  • Mike D.

    I remember when they said the Wayans were remaking The Munsters with an all black cast….. I don’t care if its a mix of races, but don’t pull an orphan Annie on us! lol

  • gregory

    Well, that sounds terrible. Not like The Munsters is some sacred cow or anything, though. The concept was great, Fred Gwynne is always a delight, but its writing was pretty bottom-of-the-barrel sitcom for its day. Much like I Dream of Jeannie being a really misogynistic, poorly-written ripoff of Bewitched, Munsters was just a good-looking, poorly-written ripoff of The Addams Family.

  • pablitonizer

    Mockingbird Lane was fine but didn’t feel like the munsters at all. They could be developing Eddie’s family as if he were the grandpa of a new munsters family living in Brooklyn, instead of rebooting a classic.

    • Chip

      Why did it need to? What exactly was so amazing that it detracted from this remake?

  • Grimphantom
  • Kyle Ord

    I loved mockingbird lane and was really looking forward to what that show had to offer

    This seems stupid

    • Yaya Batax

      The Deuce

      See now : YESMOVIE. US

      A look at life in New York City during the 1970s and ’80s when porn and prostitution were rampant in Manhattan.

    • Chip

      I frothed at the mouth at all the hate that Mockingbird Lane got. It was totally unfair, and based entirely off wanting it to mimic a show that was outdated even for it’s time.

      • Tan Shearer

        What does “outdated” even mean? Oh because it didn’t have attention hungry girls twerking to rap music and constant references to sex and drugs it’s “outdated” if that’s outdated i’m quite happy being a hipster living in the past.

      • macguffin Fifty four

        Please don’t hate on The Munsters. It was a great dark, yet wholesome, series. Fred Gwynne seriously deserved an Emmy for his goofy, weird take on Frankenstein. And his comic timing and mannerisms were terrific. A great series.

  • Chip

    We already did this with Kimmy Shmit, and I like that show, but this whole “Oh no, it’s not the ___ anymore, whatever shall we do!?” cliche has run itself into the ground when even cartoon reboots are trying to use it.

    No. Go back to Mockingbird Lane, where they had an actual plot they could work with. This has no potential at all. Especially since they’ll probably go so far as to insert canned laughter and make the characters copy-perfects of the original just to please the whiners that killed the Mockingbird Lane.

  • Tan Shearer

    Don’t you mean “fourth times the charm”?
    The Munsters
    The Munsters Today
    Mockingbird Lane
    New reboot

  • dr.chimrichalds

    Please tell me Brad Garrett is playing Herman.

  • Valak
  • I think Mockingbird Lane was great – excellent cast and gorgeous set, I’d have loved to see more. I feel like a modern set sitcom is a recipe for disaster….

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