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Ray Santiago Compares “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Season 3 Finale to “Six Feet Under” Finale

Talk about MASSIVE shoes to fill.

We still don’t yet know when “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is going to be returning to Starz for its third season, but we do know that production has wrapped and it’s ready to go whenever the network wants to unleash it. There’s a good chance it won’t premiere until early 2018, but a late 2017 start is still possible.

In the meantime, Bruce Campbell has been teasing that the final two episodes of the third season are going to be a massive game changer, noting that nothing in that entire universe will ever be the same again by the time the season comes to an end. Needless to say, something BIG is coming.

In a chat with iHorror this week, Ray “Pablo” Santiago provided a similar tease, comparing Season 3’s final episode to TV’s most devastating finale.

I would say, the final episode is pretty intense,” Santiago told the site. “It has that feeling of Six Feet Under’s final episode. When I watched Six Feet Under’s final episode I couldn’t stop crying for, like, days. It was really intense. I think what we’ve done with that, with our Season 3 finale, is given you something that just like, ‘Whoa. What just happened?’

I think we leave you with the best season finale the show’s ever had,” he added. “It’s epic.



  • Dennis Chenier

    The only thing that would shock me on that level is Ash dying. Something epic, in an awesome way would be for Ash and Mia to meet up and go full throttle horror.

    • Saturn

      It would be interesting if “this” universes version of Ash got killed, but was then replaced with an alternate “I slept too long!” version of him, as an example. So then both timelines that Raimi was planning for AOD2 could be completed – which could then lead into further movies down the line with the torch being passed onto Mia, who could possibly be the daughter of Ash, who was raised by another man – explaining why Ash doesn’t know of her existence.
      It could be possible that. while ill, Mia’s mother was being visited by demonic entities, who knew that Mia was of the Williams’ blood-line, who insidiously planned the events of Evil Dead…..

      Or it could be just that, because of how season 2 of AvED finished, with a *************SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!!! (I remember someone posted a way to do these spoilers better, but cannot for the life of me remember how)**********

      Reboot of the series, perhaps this is how Evil Dead fully ties in with the rest of the franchise?

      ******END OF SPOILERS*******

      • John Connor

        Maybe Mia is Ash’s granddaughter. The daughter of his daughter.

        • Saturn

          Possibly could work – it would explain why her dog is called Grand-pa as Ash is a bit of an ol’ dog.

    • qwef

      I still think that we are gonna get a Fede Alvarez Evil Dead sequel with Mia at some point, i just wish Ash joins in on it.

      Sadly it doesn’t seem like Mia has anything to do with this season judging on these interviews (unless they are purposeful throwing sand in our eyes and not saying anything about it). Instead they are just gonna throw in some more random new characters into it (bleh)

  • astronauta69

    Six Feet Under still has the best finale of a tv show, so these are good news

  • John Connor

    Ash can easily die because there are alternate timelines with other Ash Williams to explore.

    And you can permanently end the trio in some way while totally changing the dynamic of the series (a whole other new direction for the series).

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      I think maybe Bruce is feeling pretty done with playing Ash so maybe he dies and the daughter takes over.

  • Francesco Falciani

    Sounds like the end to me. Can’t wait

  • Jérémy Kuprowski

    Uh, so after learning that even Bruce wasn’t sure about when the third season would come, now we’re suddently getting more and more statements about the show? Sounds highly suspicious to me.

    I think they’re slowly building the hype. Maybe later than for the first two seasons, but I think it will come sooner that we might think.

    I surely hope S3 will have an epic finale. So far, both seasons had pretty tepid endings… The last S2 episode was even shockingly mediocre. I hope we’ll get something really impactful this time

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    Wow this definitely sounds like the final season. The SFU series finale was very definitive and wrapped everything nicely. Man I thought this show would at least last four seasons like most STARZ tv series.

  • Necro

    Well at the end he says “SEASON finale” not SERIES finale. Now I know that doesn’t mean shit because networks do what they want. For now I’m going to implement a little faith and hope the show gets a 4th season.

    • JackJonston24

      The only reason this show even got 3 seasons was because
      1. Sam Raimi has connections to the people that run the Starz network,he was a producer on that Spartacus show
      2. Starz is such a nothing network,that even 100k viewers a week is enough for them.
      If this was on any other premium cable show like HBO or Showtime,it would have been cancelled a long time ago. But i think even Starz can only be so generous and i think the costs in this show is way too high compared to some other shows they have except Outlander,so yeah i think this might be the final season .

  • JackJonston24

    Am i the only one who thinks this should have just been a one season show that was basically a love letter to the fans ? As much as i love this universe,i don’t really feel it works as a tv series,certainly not a 30 minute one . The episodic structure makes it feel disjointed and wish you were just watching a 90 minute movie that could have cut all the bullshit and only kept the interesting parts .

  • John Connor

    Why are people so down on the show like its gonna be cancelled ?

    Starz simply has an overcrowded Fall lineup with a totally empty Early 2018 which would be nice for Ash Vs Evil Dead to take.
    That’s all.

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