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The Classic Ghostface Mask Returns in Season 3 of MTV’s “Scream”!

One of the bummers about MTV’s “Scream” is that the iconic Ghostface mask from the Wes Craven film franchise was replaced with a new one that made the series feel, well, like it didn’t belong to the same franchise. But have no fear, because Ghostface is back proper in the forthcoming Season 3!

MTV announced today that the famous Fun World mask will make its small screen debut in “Scream” Season 3, which will feature new characters and a whole new story.

Production is currently underway in Atlanta.

“Season three revolves around Deion Elliot, a local star running back whose tragic past comes back to haunt him at the worst time, threatening his hard-earned plans for his future — and the lives of his unlikely group of friends.”

The new cast includes Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), RJ Cyler (I’m Dying Up Here), Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why), Jessica Sula (Recovery Road), rapper Tyga (aka Michael Ray Stevenson), C.J. Wallace and Giullian Yao Gioiello (Julie’s Greenroom).

Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural) serves as the franchise’s third showrunner and executive produces alongside new arrivals including Queen Latifah, Shakim Conpere and Yaneley Arty for Flavor Unit Entertainment. They join original exec producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein for Dimension TV, the late Wes Craven, Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley, Marianne Maddalena and Cathy Konrad.

“Scream’s” six-episode third season will air as a three-night event in March on MTV. A specific premiere date has not yet been announced.



  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Damn, so they’re rebooting a series that wasn’t even concluded ? Like we’re supposed to forget the cliffhanger of season 2 ??

    • Michael Howell

      let’s just pretend the original brandon james came back home to finish what his legend started because he has a sick fascination with Emma and her mother. oh and brooke, noah, and audrey survive once more. the end.

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        I hope it’s that. If you’re right, then I can accept this season 3. The worse is I don’t even like this series that much, but I still wanna know how it ends.

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        They could have murdered off Emma, and Brooke and I wouldn’t have minded in the least, but I did like Audrey and Noah

        • Michael Howell

          yeah, emma was a twat tbh but for some reason i really liked brooke.

          • I live a Brooke Maddox appreciation life. I think a better way to have dealt with bringing in a new cast was to keep it set in Lakewood – or even at the college Emma ends up at – and have the two stories intertwined somehow.

  • James

    Is this show actually worth watching? Seemed really silly to me that they were even doing it, but if they made it to season 3 I’m now wondering if it might actually be good?

    • Munchie

      In my opinion the first two seasons were utterly disposable, enjoyable fluff, stuff to watch with your significant other when you’re laying on the sofa or in bed all day long.

      Only comment on this new season is that MTV is going the Uber-politically correct route, and for that they can eat a dick.

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        Pretty much this

      • turk

        So, non-white characters are politically correct? Do you people even hear yourselves? I guess any actor that isn’t lily white is somehow a personal affront to the white race. That’s about as pathetic a persecution complex as you can have.

        • WondrousPoop

          Damn you just toasted his stupid ass. Bravo.

        • Gabriel

          Haven’t you heard? When any project includes more than one non-white performer, or LGBT characters, the creators are only doing it to be “PC”, please the “SJW” members of the audience, and they might even have intentions of committing “white genocide” (someone actually pulled this one out of their ass the other day here on BD). Minorities aren’t prominent in the world, they aren’t people who can simply exist as characters in entertainment, and they sure as HELL can’t exist in multiples and outnumber the white folks.

        • Munchie

          I’m not sure what world you live in, but if you can say it isn’t ‘politically correct’ in 2017 to be ‘inclusive’ as MTV is doing, then good for you I suppose.

          Also, I feel no persecution for shit, so fuck outta here with that nonsense. It has nothing to do with my discussion of things; maybe you feel something since you brought it up?

  • Munchie

    Just in time for no one to give a shit about the series anymore!

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      That moment happened for me when they announced they were chucking 100% of the previous seasons in the bin. Saying screw the people who were ACTUALLY watching it the last 2 seasons, and rebooting it with hip hop flava

  • MulderIsBack

    That mask belongs in the big screen. Im all for a Scream cinematic reboot. Someone out there must have the brains to reinvent the genre once more.

  • MulderIsBack

    Wouldnt it be nice if all the press releases were BS and they even make a fake trailer and when the 2 or 3 people sit down to watch it on premier night they begin to realise it was all a lie and that cox campbell and arquette have all secretly filmed a six episode continuation of the scream franchise in secret.

  • BloodyDisgusted

    Bringing back the mask doesn’t excuse the shitty cast that includes a pedo… or an almost pedo, or whatever he is.

  • I hope they make a good story, full of great chases, intense suspenseful scenes and with shocking deaths. It will be good if they make some references to the original movies and to the first season characters.

  • Dead2009

    So they’re knocking out the season in only 3 days? Alright then….sounds like they have little to no faith in this series whatsoever anymore.

    • filthlord

      netflix puts out entire season in one day, shows like this are much better when watched in a short span of time. how in the fuck did you get “they have no faith” from this? if anything it’s a great idea.

      • Dead2009

        Considering Netflix is different than television, they have no faith, unless it was marketed as say one big 3 night television event.

  • Michael Howell

    all in favor for Scream 5 or 5cream? lol

  • Andrey

    About damn time! Shame they didn’t used it with S1 and 2 cast.

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    The Ghostface mask returns…but absolutely nothing from season 1 and 2.

    Remember that cliffhaner of an ending last season? Guess what? Forget about it because screw you fans!

    But hey, don’t feel bad, we are hip hopping this seaon up by 1000% . That’s what people really wanted all along right? I’m sure it will totally pay off

  • If they give Ghostface back his classic M.O. and actually make it a Scream show, then maybe I’ll start watching this abysmal show again.

  • kevinhorror

    Screw MTV and the producers for f**king over the fans of the first two seasons but dropping the current storylines and cliffhangers. Not giving a third season a look even if they do bring the mask back…no one was asking for a new hip hop cast.

    • As a fan of the actual Scream films, I’m glad they are rebooting TBH. I just don’t like what I’ve been hearing about the new reboot.

  • DJV1985

    At least we have our token white people in the show lol. Can’t believe they sacked everyone from the first two seasons just so they can act like they’re still part of the youth market lol. I mean just how ridiculous can you get.

    • le4therfac3

      nah, they sacked the old cast because the first two seasons flopped and they realised they should have made it an anthology from the beginning

      • I don’t know about “Anthology”, but I agree with the rest of your statement.

        • Tony Harley

          I think Scream would make a great series based on the originals characters/arcs but THESE specific characters? Nope

          • If you are referring to the characters from the first two seasons, I agree. I just don’t think they’re going to turn it into an anthology.

      • DJV1985

        Anthology from the beginning I’m fine with (not that I get the final say or anything lol).

  • tyler

    The 1st 2 seasons were a failed attempt. This is just downright ignorant and disrespectful. It’s like MTV has an enormous chip on their shoulder for Scream fans for some reason and will stop at nothing to piss them off. Get a life. The day Wes died, all hope for a legitimate follow up is dead. The charm of Scream was not just Ghostface, it was Sydney, Gale, and Dewey too. But – maybe Tyga will make up for their absence to somebody, I don’t know.

    • Mr. Red Right Hand

      no casting tyga was a joke so they could kill him off in attempt to bring a few ratings

    • The original was good because of its self-aware commentary on the slasher genre. There’s potential for a modern Scream reboot, where Ghostface is taking advantage of modern technology, cell phones, spyware, computer cameras, ETC. Unfortunately, the first two seasons wasted that potential by doing some dumb in-name-only teen drama.

      Will Season 3 correct that mistake? We’ll see, but so far, it seems to me that they are only doing a politically correct slasher series whose intention is to use diversity only as a selling point.

  • MulderIsBack


  • MulderIsBack

    Ive actually always wanted to see their original version of CURSED before it was changed.

    And 5 and 6 should have happened. Scream 4 should have happened with weinstein interference. Cant stand those guys. Creativity plugs.

  • Kyle Cole

    Maybe season 3 will be better than i expect!!

    • Mr. Red Right Hand

      unfortunately, bringing keke palmer on with the original mask isn’t enough without tying together lose ends from season 2.

      • The first two seasons weren’t very good, anyways. I’m just glad that the show is finally starting to look like Scream (though I am still very apprehensive about what I’ve been hearing for Season 3).

        • Mr. Red Right Hand

          mean, the series wasn’t perfect by any means no, but it was entertaining to say the last. With or without the original mask. besides Wes had played a significant role in bringing the series to MTV, so everyone can at least respect that. anyone wearing a mask harassing people over the phone can only be written so many ways to be “scary”. perhaps the entire “who-dun-it” scenario went out with the 1990s, so maybe it’s unnecessary to bring it back for 2017. most of the characters mimicked the Scream 4 vibe pretty well – especially audrey as kirby. the television series wasn’t the film series, so i didn’t treat it that way. maybe that’s why i appreciated their efforts so much.

          • The “original mask” was the least of the show’s problems. Frankly, it was an in-name-only MTV teen drama that lacked any of the self-aware commentary on the genre that the original films were famous for. And I’d say that if any slasher series has a potential for a modern reboot, it’s Scream (especially given that we live in an age of cellphones, the internet, spyware, computer cameras, ETC).

      • Demetra

        No one cares about season 1 and 2.

  • Travis_Bickle

    Wait….they still make this show? Wow….

  • Khy

    Well this deserves a twerk.

    Now I’m a bit more intrigued. Decent cast, Ghostface- I might almost forgive Tyga being in the cast. I eagerly await a trailer.

    • le4therfac3

      i think tyga is gonna be an early exit. he’s touring throughout filming which gives me the impression that he won’t be around for long. not the opening kill, but perhaps dead within the first two eps.

      • That’s fortunate. His music downgraded ever since Kylie Jenner so its nice that hes focused on touring again.

      • Khy

        Gotcha! Even better

      • Gabriel

        Agreed. I can even see his character being the first to die and it happening during the premiere episode. I definitely don’t see him being around for long.

        • Khy

          Yeah, much in the same way they used Bella Thorn for the first season.

    • J Jett

      Khy, i watched IT (finally!) and i really like it a lot! i definitely want to see it again! my faves were Beverly & Ben (i completely loved their yearbook signing scene. it was so sweet!). and that bully kid…..fuck i hated him! LOL.

      • Khy

        LMAOOO. Glad you enjoyed it! What’s a part that creeped you out the most?

        • J Jett

          right?! LOL. the part that genuinely MAJORLY creeped me out was in the Georgie scene. when Pennywise is (about popcorn) going “POP, POP, POP!” (with little Georgie saying that as well) and is laughing/smiling and then his face instantly stops smiling and just blankly (and in a sinister way) stares at Georgie with his eyes going in different directions…..i know it probably sounds like a silly moment to pick but that part was scary as fuck. i also LOVED how in that same scene Penny’s eyes turn from blue to yellow when he attacks Georgie (i think that happened in the book, right?).

          • Khy

            No, that was the creepiest part for me too. It’s so fucking disturbing.
            And yes, that happened in the novel!

          • J Jett

            see? great minds think alike! 🙂

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    This is still happening?


  • Khy

    I don’t even consider this season 3. More of a standalone mini that will run for 3 days. I can appreciate it a bit better that way.

    Still not sold but I’m open- especially with the original mask back and Keke Palmer.

    Hopefully the super PC SJW push is just a marketing angle for the intial press release and the show itself is character and story driven rather than politics and gimmicks. Black, Latino, asian, white or whatever- I just want a GOOD show. Can we get back to that as a priority?

    Hopefully they surprise me. One last chance MTV.

    • Robby

      Didn’t they totally reboot the show without giving a proper ending because the “woke” MTV audience complained there were too many white people cast?

      • Khy

        No one even watched this show enough for it to be controversial. The ratings were absolutely horrible from the beginning and did nothing but decline soon after- the only people who were watching the show were the people who had decided to stick with it from day one. Most of those who tuned in as fans of the movies tuned out and bashed the show. If there were a group of “woke” people complaining about the cast then it must have been an extremely tiny fraction because the only “controversy” I was aware of was Scream movie fans being upset with what MTV had done.

        MTV didn’t reboot this because of the audience complaining about the white cast, they rebooted it because they knew the show was performing like shit and they were desperate for a gimmick to get people tuning in. That’s all this is. Even using the original mask is once again another gimmick to try and pull people in.

        Nah, this is all on MTV. They’re desperate.

    • Ray Myers

      3 times a charm

  • DoopGremlin

    The mask ain’t gonna makes this Scream.

  • The chicken man


  • Vincent Kane

    Is it still going to be white though? Is it culturally diverse enough?

  • Alex

    Good. The other mask looked stupid.

  • Eric

    Cool hopefully they kill tyga cant stand that worthless pos.

  • Tony Harley

    This show is such a disgrace to Scream and I feel bad for the fans of this piece of shit show cause now the cast they loved are gone but hey that mask that should’ve been in the show called SCREAM since day one is now finally here. Why couldn’t this have gone to a different network??? 🙁

  • J Jett

    classic mask or not, this new season still sounds atrocious.

    • lion7718

      I’m gonna have to be really bored one day to ever watch S3.

      • J Jett

        same here lion! 🙂

  • Grimphantom

    His face looks bloated…..

  • J Jett

    Necro, what did you think of THE STRAIN’s finale? i thought it was pretty good except for the fact that the Master WOULD NEVER have gone to where the nuke was (in last week’s ep he explicitly said he’s not going anywhere near the nuke). he would have sent in wave after wave of strigs until Fet/Dutch/etc had run out of ammo. then sent in more strigs to get the nuke. there’s a few other “WTF?!” dumb parts but overall it was a decent ending to the series.

  • Tony Harley

    Why was the same person who butchered 3 aloud to butcher 4???? Studios are so inept

  • DukeStKing

    Never thought the Scream mask was anything to write home about. Never found it particularly creepy or unsettling. I realize I’m in the minority on this one.

  • Gabriel

    You know what has me rolling?

    As early as the FIRST episode of season ONE, people were saying the show was terrible. Know what those same people were shouting for in the comments? A complete reboot, with a new cast, and a whole lotta “bring the original mask back!”

    Know what happened during season two? The same thing, but at an even higher scale. In fact, some of the same people who are now calling foul about a reboot in these comments, were calling the show terrible and expressed desire for a reboot or complete cancellation. These same people are suddenly expressing anger at not getting a conclusion to the first two seasons that they repeatedly expressed discontent with (and again, let me remind you, wanted the seasons cancelled or rebooted, as they aired).

    Now we have a completely new cast (I know, *gasp*, there’s more minorities than there are whites), a new story in a new location, and the ORIGINAL mask back, which is EVERYTHING so many people here on BD were crying for… and yet. Makes me wonder why people are suddenly changing their tune now. For some, I can buy that they are genuinely upset at the first two seasons being tossed aside and left incomplete. I can also buy that they aren’t pleased with the story details they’ve been hearing about. But for those who were crying for a reboot as the first two seasons aired, and are now slamming it because they want a conclusion to the seasons they hated, it really makes me fucking wonder why they changed their tune.

    • Trav

      I agree man. I’m upset about the new cast because I actually enjoyed the show. I think it got way too much hate from people on here, but I wanted a conclusion to the first two seasons. Now, we have to spend an entire season getting to know new characters. I actually liked the characters from the first two seasons.

    • Some people just like to piss and moan.


      Lol true

  • drew
  • Trav

    Personally, I didn’t mind the mask from the first two seasons. The show was trying to have it’s own identity, and the mask connected into the story as well.

  • Ivy Julia Carey

    The new mask still looks so cheap.

  • Charles Schmeltz

    You know something funny

    Back when Scream 4 came out, I actually wrote a Scream 5. It had kind of the same vibe the MTV series had in a purely narrative format. I titled it Scream: Genesis. It was set two years after Scream 4 and while it didn’t continue the story of the rest of the films, it was set in the same universe as the other films and made plenty of direct references to the events of all four films.

    The story centered around a group of college students in a small town called Harper’s Bay, and began on the night that STAB 8, which was the “STAB” film version of the events of Scream 4, debuted. A new killer begins killing the new group of friends, most of who are enormous fans of the STAB franchise. In the vein of the other films being satires of horror films, sequels, trilogies, and remakes, my Scream was a satire of mid-franchise reboots. Think Halloween 3, Friday the 13th 5, Hellraiser 5-9, New Nightmare, etc. Franchises that continued but completely broke away from the main storyline or featured different killers.

    I even planned out several sequels and an elaborate backstory for the main characters that would be continued throughout the sequels. The main core theme of my series was the effect horror movies have on audiences and the violence they inspire, which is touched on in the original films but not explored to its fullest extent. In universe, the popularity of the STAB movies would be directly tied to the motive of the killer in Genesis. I think it would have been a solid way to continue the series, and I always thought about making the first film with a small crew and cast.

    At the very least, story wise it would have been better than the mess the MTV series has become. What do you guys think?

    • Azwethinkweiz

      That sounds legit.

    • James

      Me likey? Have you contacted the movie studios with your ideas or put them on YouTube for publicity?

  • Munchie

    Fuck you fascists for removing/censoring my comments while leaving others in the same thread that are much more incendiary than mine. Later, BD.

  • Joshua Tyren Reece

    Yeah sure. The Mask was the Problem. Sorry there are way bigger flaws.

    • Jeff Winger

      Buddy, it’s a new writing team and a new cast.

  • They’re still making this crap?

    • Jeff Winger

      You don’t have to watch. That simple.

      • I don’t; I’m surprised they’re still making it. Was that too complicated for your tiny brain?

  • let’s hope that they bring back the wit and sharp writing as well.

    • Maxime C

      that’s a waste of hope imo.

  • FlixtheCat

    Season 1: This new mask is scarier than the first and will carve a new direction for Scream!
    Season 3: We’re going back to the classic mask because… that–that first mask sucked. I mean… wow, right?

    • Jeff Winger

      It’s a different show running team, that’s why they changed it back to the old mask. The season 1 and 2 people are all gone.

      • FlixtheCat


  • James Tillotson

    AS much as Scream will always be my favorite franchise, it was never meant to live in perpetuity. Face it, Scream was a satire on slashers, 2 on sequels, 3 on trilogies (weak), and 4 on remakes. There is absolutely nowhere for Scream to go. At best, it will be remade in 20 years with the meta-satirical elements completely removed and hopefully be a straight horror film. The only thing Scream can do now is re-invent the whodunnit slasher that died with Scream. I would have personally loved a whole second trilogy as planned, but help me out here, what could 5 and 6 possibly be about?


    Did we need to cast Tyga? For gods sake

  • BreeBennett

    Nice try, but it’s too late. No one cares for this anymore.

    • Jeff Winger

      And you speak for everyone? wow. Impressive.

      • BreeBennett

        Yes. I do!! LOL

  • J Jett

    i’m glad you mostly liked it! 🙂

  • Maxime C

    I was relieved when they didn’t use the mask in the first 2 shitty seasons.
    And now the relief is over.
    Goodbye and so long, Scream’s iconic mask.

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