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NBCUniversal Officially Burying ‘Chiller’ Channel Six Feet Under

At least we still have Syfy… right?

As we recently told you, Cox dropped NBCUniversal-owned horror channel Chiller as of this month, in the wake of Verizon, Charter and Dish all quietly dropping the channel earlier in the year. At the time, NBCUniversal seemed to still be sticking by the channel, but we were fearing the worst.

And those fears, it turns out, were well founded.

TV Answer Man reports today that NBCUniversal will be killing Chiller as of January 1, 2018.

Low-profile channels like Chiller and Cloo are an endangered species, even for a company with the market clout of NBCUniversal,” Variety explains. “Taking the small fry off the table helps NBCU’s effort to beef up programming and carriage fees for its core cable nets, including USA Network, Syfy, Bravo and E!

Chiller launched in February 2007 as a showcase for horror and thriller movies and TV shows pulled from the Universal vault and other sources.

Ten years. Not a bad run. RIP Chiller.



  • Ashley Baez Keels

    That sucks why don’t you just take all of our
    good channels away : (

  • Bobby1181

    I still miss FearNet, they used to really dig into the archives and play great foreign horror as well as little seen cult classics.

  • Court

    One of my favorite go-to channels when I’m bored. Nooooo!

  • Aslinn McIntyre

    I don’t think they opened it up enough to really have a following

  • This makes me sad. And gives me one more reason to dump cable. I don’t want a thousand fucking sports channels. In terms of TV shows I enjoy, I actually save money in the long run by dumping cable and just buying the seasons on disc when they come out. Plus no commercials.

    I used to love FearNET. It was on our cable system for about a year when I first signed up, and if I was just hanging around the house, I’d turn that channel on and just let it run the way I used to watch MTV back when I was a teenager and it showed music videos. There was always something I was at least marginally interested in.

    I hate sounding like one of those elitist twats, but TV has become so homogenized and boring that I’ve lost interest in it. There are some good shows, but not so many that I can’t just collect them.

  • kerinda

    RIP Chiller! we can’t have any good horror network sad really. 🙁

  • Han Rasmussen

    Cable really has become a joke. It used to be that there was a channel for most every niche: comedy, sci-fi, drama, women’s programming, men’s programming, history, science, educational, cartoon, kid’s shows, music, etc etc etc. Now they’ve all sold out to reality television crap and the names of the channels no longer mean anything. Their reason to exist is gone.

    And so are the reasons to have cable tv anymore with them.

  • FlixtheCat

    There was a time I was watching Chiller all day every day. They used to give marathons of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, Monsters, Beyond Belief, Friday the 13th, Freddy’s Nightmares, and Ripley’s every single day from from 10am to 5pm and I’d watch like a junkie. Not so much Freddy’s Nightmares, mind you.

    I also enjoyed Slasher, as I thought it was an inspired mystery series.

    Rest in Peace, Chiller.

  • ChaosHD

    Had Chiller been in HD and showed unedited movies with no commercial interruptions it would of been great.

    • Rocky Chodha

      That’s how the IFC channel did it, NBC was being lazy.

      There was so much, indy horror movies it could added to bulk up the content but hey.

      I hope Shudder does the right thing, but it’s hard, Netflix and soon to be APPLE STREAMING and DisNey streaming, will make it difficult for most niche based streaming to succeed the legit way.

      • IFC has commercials tho. But it does say ‘Unedited and not cut for time” which is very welcomed!

    • IBelievePhonies

      Chiller had a HD network sadly not every cable company offered it and before it became Chiller it was FEARNET which showed all Horror movies uncut and uninterrupted.

  • My doubt is what about that tv show called Slasher? Belongs to Chiller, right?

    • mark long

      On Netflix now

    • IBelievePhonies

      Second Season part of Netflix lets Netflix gives it a third because second season was fantastic compared to first season.

  • Lord Elric

    We lost FEARNET…for THIS.

    What a waste…

    • DS Ullery

      How I do so miss Fearnet. I spent a lot of time on the site. Checking out the revolving line up of horror flicks streaming for free became a monthly event for me. There’s a vacancy that’s never quite been occupied since.

  • Demented Daniel

    The thing about Chiller for me is either they show stuff I already own, or don’t care to watch. So it’s no skin off my hide.

  • J Jett

    NBC (regarding tv shows) has a HORRIBLE track record with anything horror/sci-fi related. one of the only genuinely quality shows they’ve ever aired is HANNIBAL. almost everything else horror/sci-fi related NBC has fucked up. i’m not surprised they got rid of Chiller.

  • J Jett

    Necro, i would freaking love a channel like that!

  • BreeBennett

    It would be awesome.

    • Necro


  • Forca84

    I saw this coming awhile ago. They just stopped playing as many movies and it was just blocks of Reality TV. It sucks. But the programming really started going down the last few years. But I’m still gonna miss it a little. Saw some decent stuff on there from time to time.

  • dukeblues

    At least we still have MeTV with Svengoulie

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Wait the channel with CENSORED horror movies didn’t make it?????


  • Meko Anderson

    Even though it was getting bleak in freshness. I stayed loyal. You should hire people like me who Luv luv n live for horror. Now that fearnet isn’t here all we hv is SYFI which was already where they were at the beginning Dry as Hell… Amazon movies are mostly B, So we hv nothing to enjoy but bootleg on putlocker or 123movies.

    • Forca84

      Depends what you are looking for… I’ve found several classic slashers and Giallo on Prime. “Blood savage”, “Curtains”, “The Mutilator”, some Argento, “Night Train murders”, “What have you done to Solnage?”, “Don’t go into the House”. Etc.

    • Captain Jelly

      EL Rey sometimes has a good run on monster and horror films. They play Argento films and other classics uncut after 9pm. Some of them are crap but yea its a good place to check on the guide on Friday nights for “Creature Feature Friday”. They also play a lot of the Charles Band movies right after they come out like Puppet Master and Killjoy.

  • SupernaturalCat

    Yeah, I noticed that not long ago Chiller had disappeared from the roster, and that it wasn’t merely a matter of being re-assigned to a different channel, but that it was kaput. My wife and our daughter are horror fans, too, and in all honesty, we rarely watched anything on Chiller.

    The trick was, if you checked their schedule, and stumbled upon some new(er) lo-fi flick that you’d maybe wanna watch for MST3K’esque shits n giggles (these were the sort of movies that primarily constituted the bulk of Chiller’s programming) you’d have to DVR it so that when you watched it you could fast forward through the incomprehensible deluge of commercials they ran. Seriously, if I were watching a movie, during the span of time for an average commercial break, I could’ve flown to the gas station, returned home, thrown together a sandwich, fired up a bowl of Blue Dream, hit the whizzer, plopped back down into the sofa, and still have a few minutes to spare before the movie returned.

    • Forca84

      Man I miss having a DVR… But I’m thankful for Amazon Prime and On demand.

    • FlixtheCat

      That’s for damn sure.

  • Did Chiller play good movies or nah? Like cool that it’s a horror channel, but it needs to play ‘good’ horror movies. Did it do that?

    • Forca84

      Depends… In recent years it played films like “P2”, “Happy Birthday to me”, “Silent night” (remake), “Aftermath”, “Maniac Cop”, Otherwise it was Indie low budget. Some of the movies were indeed wretched. But some of the Indie films I enjoyed.

      • Hmm not outstanding (sadly), but better than run of the mill Friday the 13th movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chuckys, etc that are shown every year on Halloween by AMC and other networks.

    • Forca84

      It also played the 80’s versions of “outer limits” and “The Twilight zone”. Plus “Tales from the darkside” and “Night visions” in blocks.

    • IBelievePhonies

      It all depends when it was FEARNET or in the beginning when it became Chiller because after a while it became like SyFy with crap movies like from Asylum.

  • Werewolf

    Chiller was the only place you could ever watch Fox’s Werewolf the series without VHS tracking fuzz.
    Will always remember them for that.

  • Shane o mac

    That is bullshit!!

  • IBelievePhonies

    Well what did anyone expect just like Techtv and G4 when Comcast took over purposely to kill off two great networks by merging them than change it to Esquire Network which also died so fast and before it was Chiller it was FEARNET which was much better because all the movies and shows were uncut and censorships. What do people expect from cable networks like Comcast lets not forget Rupert Murdoch who controls networks like Fox News.

  • Frank Gambino

    I loathe syfy

  • NOCC Monkey

    Well at least we still have The Learning Channel where we can lear…oh, wait. I mean the History Channel where we can learn about his…oh wait. Well, there are are about 30 sports channels, 30 news channels and 30 weather channels. You mean everyone doesn’t want to know what the newest celebrity with the largest disgusting ass is up to all the live long day?

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