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Syfy Has Renewed “Z Nation” for a Fifth Season

The reset begins in 2018.

Ahead of tonight’s two-hour Season 4 finale of “Z Nation,Asylum CEO David Michael Latt just announced that Syfy has renewed the zombie series for a fifth season.

Thank you, Z Nation fans – We’ve been renewed for a 5th season!Latt tweeted. “How could Syfy say no? #ITSAFANTHING. Enjoy tonight’s 2 hour season finale.”

Tonight, in “Mt. Weather”…

“Warren and the group must stop Zona from launching operation Black Rainbow to cleanse the landscape of zombies- and humans.”

And then, in “The Black Rainbow”…

“The secret of Warren’s dream is unlocked when they reach their final destination, the “Black Rainbow” facility.”

Don’t miss the two-hour finale tonight at 9/8c on Syfy!



  • Captain Jelly

    I actually have liked the show up until this season. Just been really hard to get into it this year. Ill eventually have a marathon and watch them all since I have them saved on my DVR. Its a better alternative to TWD because its not just all doom and gloom..It has humor and more settings. Not to say it doesn’t have its fair share of cheese but the right amount of cheese can be good sometimes. SYFY has really been stepping up their original shows with Blood Drive,Happy!,Z Nation being the ones that I enjoy. Krypton looks like it could be good too.

    • Nekrim

      A shame Bloode Drive has been canned, it was one of the only Syfy show I really digged

      • Captain Jelly

        NOOOO! It was?!! I really really liked that one. Even called the phone number every week to leave curse filled messages.

        • Nekrim

          Yeah, no Season 2 on the horizon 🙁

        • Necro

          Yeah they cancelled that quicker than shit! If I remember correctly it was like 2 days after the season one finale. Even if I’m wrong about that timeline we’re definitely not going to see another season.

      • Monkeymanbob

        Nooo. What a dumb move. It was such a fun show and Slink was one of the best bad guys on the box.

    • J Jett

      Captain Jelly i feel the same way. i loved Z-NATION seasons 1 & 2 a lot. i liked season 3 (definitely not as good as the first 2 seasons) and season 4 has been aimless and repetitive. i only made it in this season to episode 7 (“Warren’s Wedding”) and i have eps 8-11 ready to be watched but this season just isn’t interesting to me. i liked the show more when it had the “delivering Murphy to the lab” driving narrative. again, this season is aimless/meandering and several eps have been 100% pointless. at least 2 (or 3) eps have ended up exactly where the episode started with no plot movement or anything.

      i agree SyFy has been stepping up their game with their tv shows. have you checked out VAN HELSING? i love that show and SyFy’s GHOST WARS (awful name, i know! lol) is pretty decent too. i’m kind of sort of enjoying the channel’s SUPERSTITION as well.

      • tiffyjean

        The finale is amazing…. stick with it

        • J Jett

          tiffyjean, THANKS! i was looking for something to watch tonight and thanx to your comment i will indeed finish up the remaining 3 eps of this show! 🙂

    • Baron Von Marlon

      Got the feeling I like this season more than the previous one.
      It’s not as great as it used to be but I still think it’s entertaining enough.
      Do got a feeling they used a lot of their ideas early on because they thought they might get cancelled pretty soon. Anyway, looking forward to the next season.
      Z Nation onward!

  • AriesSiren

    This season was awful.

  • ChaosHD

    Season 4 of Z Nation has been the worst season of television that i’ve ever watched. Surpassing even the second season of Fear the Walking Dead, which had held the top spot.

    • JackJonston24

      You must not watch The Walking Trash,sorry The Walking Dead if you think that,at least Z Nation doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s actually fun but you’re most likely a boreless moron

      • Cure4Humanity

        So the individual is a moron for not liking a season of a show? Man, you are a special kind of prick.

        • JackJonston24

          How about you fuck off and don’t ever respond to me ever again you worthless,wannabe internet lawyer cunt !

          • Cure4Humanity

            Better idea, how about you go hang yourself from a streetlamp you ignorant mongol piece of shit. Nobody needs a worthless douche canoe like yourself wasting anymore oxygen. Fuck yourself fatty.

          • tiffyjean

            wow that escalated quickly…. yall need to watch the episode of Family Guy where Brian posts a racist tweet…. get a grip.

          • Cure4Humanity

            I’ve got a firm grip. I take issue with all these keyboard warriors that sit their fat ass behind the anonymity of the internet and use it as a comfortable spot to talk shit to people they’ll never have to see. They all think they’re brave because there’s no consequences. So yeah, I’m happy to call them out on it.

          • Jeff

            You mean just like you are? Very hypocritical of you. Jack was being a moron but you need to grow up.

          • Cure4Humanity

            You’re right, nobody should ever call anybody out for being a prick. We should all just let them go on their merry way treating people like shit at all times. Or in your case, lets bitch at the guy who tried to stand up for someone rather than the guy who acted like a cunt in the first place. Yeah, your stance is great.

    • J Jett

      while i don’t thinks season is as bad as you do, ChaosHD, i agree 100% that it’s not very good at all.

    • Bobby Jones

      I do like the Mad Zs, but this season is a dud. Really hoping they’ve got something cooking to turn it around. Season 3 was great.

  • uncabrian

    I liked the Cheese roll of zombies in earlier episode. I wish they could come up with some more creative things to add besides the Black Rainbow scenes all the time, also it was obvious that Warren would be the one setting off the Black Rainbow weapon because she was programmed by them in the comma. Maybe they could hire some new writers to get the show back on track before it’s cancelled . I am glad they’re going to do a 5th season, at least we’ll get some closure. I hope.

  • tiffyjean

    I thought it was hard to get into this season as well but as a devoted Nat Zang and Anastasia Baranova fan I kept watching to see 10k and see if Addy would come back…. Also I love Citizen Z and Kya. I feel like the season finale answered quite a few of the questions I had been asking myself throughout the season and Im happy it was renewed for a 5th season!!!

  • MrX13

    Loving Z Nation on Netflix! Can’t wait for Season 4 to show up but nice to hear that S5 has been greenlit. Keep’em coming!

  • GunsOfNavarone

    I have to say I’m surprised this show lasted so long. I remember only watching 2 or 3 episodes back when it first started and it paled in comparison to the walking dead. It felt very b-movie / video game-esque but I’m starting to wonder whether it got better. I’m also betting it’s likely better than twd now too.

  • Michael Eastham

    Yep Z nation is an absolutely huge piece of shit, but it is at least a step in front of Hemlock Grove hands down the worse show ever.

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