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Next ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Patch Will Include Deadlier Variant Maps



The latest patch is currently in progress.

Gun Media and Illfonic are constantly updating Friday the 13th: The Game in an attempt to make it cooler and also fix gameplay issues, and they’ve just announced over on Facebook that they’ve got a brand new patch in the works that’s going to include some pretty exciting things.

For starters, the free patch will bring eight brand new character emotes into the game, teased with a fun GIF. But that’s not the exciting part…

Also coming are three free variant maps of Camp Crystal Lake, Packanack Lodge and Higgins Haven. Faster, smaller, deadlier.

The new fast-paced maps will be 40% smaller, which should increase gameplay intensity.

We’ll let you know when the patch hits. Meantime, follow the game on Facebook.