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New Weapon Revealed for Part 4 Jason in ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

Gun Media just announced over the weekend that a new map and new Jason will soon be added to Friday the 13th: The Game, both based on fan-favorite sequel The Final Chapter. Yes, that means you’ll be able to slay camp counselors inside the Jarvis house, which should be pretty awesome.

As for the new Jason, he’ll come equipped with unique kills and a new weapon.

Gun Media’s Wes Keltner just revealed the weapon to Slash ‘N Cast: a pig-splitter, the slaughterhouse cleaver that Jason embeds into Crispin Glover’s face in Part 4!

Along with the new map and new Jason, the update will also bringing rain/lightning weathering, which can be applied to every single available map.

The game hits Playstation 4 and Xbox One on Friday, October 13.



  • Seems like an arbitrary choice (I don’t recall him using it that much in the film), but I’m fine with it.

    • Luke Daniels

      I guess they just didn’t want another Jason with a Machete which sucks because that’s Jason’s Iconic weapon. I wish more had the machete like Part 3 Jason because he used the machete as much in the movie as he did the ax.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    They should’ve given him the double-sided axe like Part 9 Jason is carrying (for some reason). That is much more identifiable as his signature weapon from Final Chapter. But whatevs. Ted White is finally coming to the game. I’ll take it in whatever form we get.

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