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‘Silence of the Sleep’ is the 2D ‘Silent Hill’ We Deserve

I recently had the opportunity to play Silence of the Sleep, a 2D psychological horror game crafted by the one-man team Jesse Makkonen. I keep comparing this game to Silent Hill, but that’s only in terms of its ambiguous storytelling and atmosphere — this is entirely its own game. As for Jesse, he’s a 24 year-old force of nature, as he’s created everything you can see in the video below, including the coding, art, animations and story.

Silence of the Sleep is slated to release this October.

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  • Sick_skwerl

    My Fist has 2 Dicks! I’m still waiting for my t-shirt!
    This game looks great. I think the game reminds you of that one where you look like Chuck Norris- can’t remember the name.

    • Ascension! That’s the game I was trying to think of.

  • Holy shit the game is cool but this dudes narration is SO FUCKING Irritating and makes me want to kill someone with a goddamn ashtray!

  • HorrorLover995

    I would love to see more gameplay of this. The atmosphere is beautifully made and has an eerie comfort to it as well the the soundtrack works wonderfully with the game. That fuckin’ monster though, first time I saw it I thought, “WHAT THE fucking hell is that?!?!” The noises it made didn’t help either.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Adam Dodd, you are a fucking national treasure. And don’t you forget it.

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