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HeadCrusher “Common Nonsense” Video Premiere

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Austin metal band HeadCrusher (who originally hail from Columbia) to bring you an exclusive music video premiere for their track “Common Nonsense”. Directed by Michael Panduro (Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage), the video shows three young women who get their jollies off by beating the absolute crap out of each other. Not content with their fists and teeth, the three eventually turn to far more lethal and dangerous weaponry, including (but not limited to) an axe, a box cutter, and a book (I’m not joking). I don’t know how much fake blood was used in this video but I think more was used in the few minutes it runs than in most horror movies.

The band comments:

We are stoked to share this collaboration with Michael. We are big fans of his work. It’s always interesting to see how concept translates from one person to the other; his vision captured the lyrics to the very core.

“Common Nonsense” comes from the band’s debut album Let The Blood Run. You can order the 2xLP right here.


Director Michael Panduro adds:

The lyrics of the track deal with the inevitability of violence. I tried to roll with the theme and comment on how we consume violence in our everyday lives. Production wise, it’s been one of those projects where everything goes wrong. We’ve had so many unforeseen obstacles and last minute challenges, that we basically wound up improvising most of the video, ending up with something completely different from what we set out to do. I’m grateful to the guys in HeadCrusher, for allowing me to work like that, and not getting pissed that I didn’t do what I told them I would do. I also applaud them for letting me do a metal video with an all female cast, without having to sexualize our characters in some stupid way or other.

HeadCrusher online:
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