WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 171 - The Sunken Convent - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 171 – The Sunken Convent



Danish filmmakers man, they got that thing about them don’t they? Maybe it’s living in darkness six months out of the year or being so close to that hole in the ozone layer, but they’ve got a style and approach all their own. Writer/director Michael Panduro and his short film “The Sunken Convent” are no exception. Right up there with the lesser works of Lars Von Trier and Nicholas Winding Refn “The Sunken Convent” draws upon the writings of Hans Christian Andersen to deliver a tale so gross, so weird, that I had to do Google whether or not Tom Six was also Danish. Spoiler alert; he’s Dutch.

Even so Panduro’s “The Sunken Convent” feels like it owes a dept to Six as well. A sparse narrative that makes up for what it lacks in soundtrack and dialogue with a fair bit of body horror and necrophilia. It would be easy to dismiss the film as “gross and weird” if it hadn’t already won a slew of awards from all across the globe. Honestly this is one the most well received films I’ve had the pleasure of viewing for World of Death so it’s safe to say “The Sunken Convent” occupies that sickly green line between art and nonsense.

Then again this is coming from the guy who wrote the tentacle porn extravaganza “Tentacles” now available on World of Death: Volume 2. Get it on blu ray today!
– Pat O’Sullivan

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