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[TV] New “Dexter” Series Finale Discussion


Last September the the brains behind Showtime’s “Dexter” explained the series finale and why they chose to do what they do.

After stewing on the negative press for almost a year, Showtime released a new featurette in which executive producer Scott Buck reflects back on the disappointing finale. While he makes interesting points about Dexter’s arc, it really doesn’t matter when the impact was missing onscreen.

After watching this video, how do you still feel about the finale? Do you ever see yourself revisiting the series? Do you still want a spinoff?



  • mjm800

    I liked the finale, sure some aspects were silly like Dexter taking Deb from the hospital and it’s not noticed, but Dexter always relied on a heavy dose of fortuitous coincidences.

    I figure the show would end with him dead or in jail. I never thought he would live a normal life.

    I never took the ending to mean that Dexter was punishing himself I took it to mean he has finally embraced the monster within him, he has let go of all humanity. Now, he is killing for the joy of killing.

  • J Jett

    my biggest complaint is Deb deserved better. the fact Dex dumped her body where he dumped all the scumbags, child molesters, killers, etc is something i will never forget or forgive season 6 was a true abomination (the whole romantic feelings thing…..give me a fucking break) and season 8 was barely a step up from that. the writers of the show should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  • You can defend that finale all you want, but nothing changed the fact that most think it was a lame ending. In fact, it was just a lame season all around. Dexter didn’t need to die. Something bigger and better just needed to happen other then becoming a lumberjack and suffering his life’s mess.

    I think maybe it was a good way to end a season, but not a series. I thought maybe it was a good setup to a final season in which Dexter has all his loved ones away, protected and can focus more on his work while becoming the darkest and best final season. Nothing got wrapped up, just prepared for more.

  • Brendon Bosch

    Here’s the thing. If they have to explain the ending that means they failed to bring the message across. If you fail to bring the message across that means you failed the fans. Honestly everyone expected a roller coaster ride of a final season and we didn’t get that. It was bland and boring. All we wanted was for dexter to try and cover up who he is while people are hunting him. If he gets away, dies or got caught it would have been better. The first four seasons did a brilliant job of keeping Dexter on his toes. The last four didnt

  • Krug09

    I don’t even know why the show ended to begin with. The ratings were through the roof. You could always continue with Dexter’s new life. I really believe Dexter has to kill again and that ending even though lots of people thought it sucked. Kept it open for new characters, new locations, etc. My biggest problem was Dexter leaving his son, that made no sense to me.

  • dman99999

    yea i gotta agree even tho deb pissed me off she deserved better then to be dumped at his usual dumping grounds you already know she would of hated it she would of wanted to be buried next harry or something

  • herocookie

    the writers/network were so scared to actually wrap up the series in any way that would prevent a sequel/spin-off that the only character they dared kill was Michael C Hall’s ex-wife. Lame….

    None of it made any sense. Characters acted out of character. Logic went out the window. Felt like the writers changed their minds mid-course like six times…


  • ThunderDragoon

    The last season was good until Zach got killed off. From then on, it went downhill faster than a rollercoaster and it never stopped. From the useless Masuka’s daughter storyline, to Deb being killed off after the doctors said she’d live, to Hannah living and taking care of Harrison, to the ending with Dexter as a lumberjack. It just all fell apart. I hate that we didn’t get the amazing ending that most of us envisioned.

  • cobrazombie

    Nothing will change that the last few seasons sucked. I can’t believe Hannah was worse than Rita, but it happened. Watch the first four seasons of Dexter then quit is my advice.

  • Segador LaMuerte

    I don’t care what this guy says, that finale sucked bad. It was horrible to see Dexter turning into a Ducker.
    Hannah is amazing, There is no other person that is better suited to care for and take care of Harrison until Dexter finally shaves off his wantabe Dynasty beard and rejoins them. (fingers crossed anyway)
    As far as this talking head saying that Dexter has killed innocent people….When? Nothing he did was wrong. I rooted for Dexter and his mission every week. Every single “person” he cut up and sank to the bottom of the ocean deserved to be there and society was better off for it.
    I really hope he come back out of hiding and meets back up with Hannah and Harrison. He deserves such a better ending, if for nothing else all the good that he did ridding the world of the evil that had no place in it.

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