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We Finally See The ‘Kristy’ Trailer!

After a long post production blackout, director Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch) and the Weinstein Company’s slasher Kristy is finally starting to see daylight with this trailer. And you know what? It actually looks kinda good! It sort of has that 90’s Dimension vibe but with a harder edge that I like. I’ll definitely check it out.

BlairWitch has the trailer, and they say it will have a Blu-ray release sometime this summer in Europe. If they’re right, I imagine this will be a VOD number here in the states.

Formerly titled Random and Satanic, the film stars Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene, Erica Ash, Chris Coy and Lucas Till. “With the rest of the campus home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Justine and a few of her friends spend the weekend in their college dormitory: studying, relaxing and blissfully unaware of the terror that is about to unfold outside in the cold. Suddenly, confronted by a gang of violent outcasts, Justine’s quiet long weekend becomes one long lesson in survival as her and her classmates are terrorized in increasingly bizarre and brutal ways, leaving it up to her to figure out who her attackers are…and if they can be stopped.



  • That gave a lot away.

    • dirtyghettok

      Not really. I heard somewhere (in my head) that an alien invasion happens as well. So this could be really good.

  • Ltg1998

    That looks really good, except for that I feel it will probably have a depressing end. I hope I’m wrong. I’m getting ‘you’re next’ vibes and also a little ‘the strangers’, I’m excited to see it though. I need to find new good horror movies, I’ve completely ran out of movies to watch.

  • Brian de Castro

    Where’s Ashley Greene?

    • Marss

      I think that’s Ashley Greene with the pink shades and pierced face in red hoodie.

      • EvanDickson

        That’s her

  • Dev

    As usual the trailer is two minutes too long, revealing too much and ultimately not selling the film very well.

  • Looks decent! This is going to get a VOD release? I remember when this was supposed to be the big Dimension release for November 2012.. or was it 2013?

  • J Jett

    this DOES look good! i’m in.

  • Really like the look of this.

  • Pablo Delgadillo

    Always here for Haley but not for Ashley,she sucks

  • Leebo

    I dunno, initially I was like “meh – is this gonna be another Smiley”, but towards the end it pulled me in.
    Looks like it may have potential.

  • Gerry Davie

    I remember way back when Emma Watson was attached. Was bummed when she dropped out but the more I heard about it the more I was glad she didn’t do it. Looks decent enough.

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