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Revisiting the Cat Attack From ‘Let The Right One In’!

Tomas Alfredson’s Let The Right One In is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a beautiful horror film (with a pitch black ending a lot of people somehow think is happy). But there’s one scene that sticks out a bit from the assured grace that marks almost every other moment in the film – the cat attack.

It’s no secret that Alfredson had a limited budget, but was it supposed to be this funny? I know a lot of people who think this scene is unintenionally hilarious, but I disagree. I think it’s funny on purpose. This gaggle of senior friends is played more broadly from the film’s other characters, they’re meant to have an element of comic relief to them.

Building on that, I think this scene is designed to puncture the tension for just a moment in what is otherwise a remarkably taut film.



  • xxthedaymanxx

    I don’t see how that scene could be seen as intentionally funny. It seems like it’s played pretty straight to me.

  • Daniel Mann

    To be honest, I laughed at this scene in the book, and I laughed at it in the film. I think it was partially intentional. I think the writings of John Lindqvist do have gallows humour about them, and this scene in the book is partially funny. Same thing for the film.

  • Geek707

    I am curious as to why you feel the ending is dark, especially in light of “Let the Old Dreams Die”…

  • ThunderDragoon

    This has always made me laugh. Thanks for reminding me lol.

  • Funny, eh? Spoken like a person who truly doesn’t understand how formidable a pissed off cat can be, let alone a group of them. If they want to attack, they will straight up ruin your fucking day.

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