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My Favorite ‘Friday The 13th’ Moment! What’s Yours?

Happy Friday the 13th! For me, one of the big allures of the franchise is that it takes me back to simpler times. There’s not a single installment I don’t like on some level. I love the atmosphere of the first four installments, not just the woodsy environment but their inherent innocence. Sure the characters had sex and smoked dope, but there was something (usually) innately sweet about the whole endeavor. I also loved the sleaziness of A New Beginning, the cleverness of Jason Lives, the Voorhees design from The New Blood and Creighton Duke from Jason Goes To Hell.

The 2009 remake also hit a lot of sweet spots for me and is among my very favorites of the franchise. For those of you who think that the most recent entry is cynical, I actually don’t think it is so much. Remember, the studio had zero respect for the franchise during its first incarnation, these were turn and burn gigs that people were turning down left and right because there was no money and the powers that be insisted on unrealistic schedules to keep the money flowing in. I’d argue that the folks behind the 2009 version actually cared more about the quality of the film than most of the people involved in the original sequels (especially later on).

I’d also argue that Steve Miner’s 1981 installment Friday the 13th Paet 2 had a lot of care put into it. I think Miner really took Part 2 seriously (as evidenced by the bravura finale). And, while it’s not the hands down best F13 movie, in many ways it’s the prototypical one – even without the hockey mask. You’ve got Crystal Lake. You’ve got counselors. The vibe is right (the tone of Part 3 is almost as icky as A New Beginning) and there’s still a sense of mystery about the series.

You’ve also got an all time great F13 kill when Tom McBride’s Mark takes that long tumble downstairs in his wheelchair. Not only is that moment shocking in its (almost literal) willingness to go abruptly off the rails, it’s preceded by one of the most effective pre-kill builds in the franchise. So even with everything else that’s great about this franchise – and there’s a lot – this is probably my favorite moment. Ask me tomorrow and it might be another one.

What’s your favorite moment from the franchise?



  • Francesco Falciani

    when in part 2 he’s hidden in the dark in the kictchen and jinny feels someone in there…creepy

    • J Jett

      Francesco, YES!! i love that moment!

      “Paul, there’s someone in this room…….PAUL THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE FUCKING ROOM!”…

      awesome moment especially when the lightning strikes and we get a flash visual of Jason in the corner!

  • Leebo

    I think my favourite Jason moment is when he kills Andy in part 3…….what a painful way to die!

    • JB

      I was going to say that one as well. So brutal!

      Also, Paul getting the spear gun to the groin in Pt. 4, Doug getting his head crushed in the shower.and the Sheriff getting snapped in half in 6.

  • M M

    Possibly the hippie (can’t remember his name) in the third turning the power back on and jason is in the basement with him with the hockey mask.

    Though I absolutely loved chewie’s death in the reboot. It was incredibly serious and drawn out and dark.

    Hard to argue with the opening 20 minutes of the reboot as well.

    • EvanDickson

      Love the opening 20 minutes of the reboot. I pretty much love the whole reboot actually. Chewie’s death is great

    • J Jett

      M M, i agree that Chewie’s death was incredibly well done and disturbing. i think it’s the most (or one of the most) brutal kills in the film.

  • joelwaters

    My favorite Friday the 13th moment was in Pt. 4 when after Trish discovers the bodies at both houses, Jason hunts her down and blocks her upstairs so she has nowhere to go. she ends up diving out the window–it was such a great scene especially in slow motion b/c to me it embodied her fear and also her desperation to live.

    • M M

      I have to admit she pulled off looking terrified wonderfully in that scene!

    • J Jett

      Guest, so true!! that scene with Trish/Jason is awesome!

  • part6productions

    Jason and Tommy’s final showdown in Part 6. Followed very closely by Jason and Tina’s final showdown in Part 7

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Evan, do explain how part 3’s tone is almost as icky as part 5’s. I’m interested in hearing.

    • EvanDickson

      Part 3 sort of asserts that Jason raped the final girl. The bikers from town also sort of steer things away from the camp and towards asshole townfolk — which happened in 5 as well.

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        True. And you also have Jason killing the pregnant chick. There was also something tonally unsettling about the end battle. The wind was a nice touch.

  • Krug09

    “favorite moment”? Many. Favorite kill, also many. but some of my favorites are. Crispin Glover’s death in part 4. Jason flipping the boat in part 1. Jason popping through the window in part 2. Kevin Bacon’s death pt 1. New Blood sleeping bag kill. Much more.

  • Christopher Pierce

    The scene in the 4th movie where the hitchhiker is eating the banana and Jason sneaks up on her and I believe slashes her throat. The camera focuses entirely on the banana that she squeezes until it finally plops down. So funny.

  • Chris Taylor

    The sleeping bag against the tree, fantabulous!!!

  • Adam Paquette

    the first 20 minutes of the remake is fantastic. i also like the opening for part 6. pretty much anything from parts 2 and 3 and the final chapter is good.

  • Lana Del Gay

    The sleeping bag over the fire in the remake!!!

    • Leebo

      YOU’RE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      J/K – everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
      Although the sleeping bag scene in Jason X was better……

  • J Jett

    the sequence in THE FINAL CHAPTER where Jason chases Trish out of the Jarvis house all the
    way across to the “teenagers” party house in the rain remains one of the
    best scenes in any F13 movie. the way Jason is so close to catching
    Trish in that scene always has me on edge. it also was a glorious/perfect moment showing Jason at his scariest and most intense! you had to actually run your F’ing ass off to try to not get killed (as opposed to the “zombie” Jason films where slow, lumbering Jason casually walks after his FAST RUNNING victims but still catches up to them with no problem. LOL).

    honorable awesome mentions:

    Marci’s axe to face in PART 1.

    Jeff & Sandra’s double impalement in PART 2 (i wish the uncut footage still existed!).

    Mark’s (in wheelchair) machete in face in PART 2.

    Jason’s death w/ machete to face and then face slide down said machete in PART 4.

    leather strap around Eddie’s eyes in PART 5 (that was brutal!).

  • Anthony Gulino

    I think the best installment of the franchise was part two when Jason was clad in a “Town That Dreaded Sundown” type hood with a hole.. Probably my most memorable moment was when Jason “mutated face exposed” comes crashing through the window and snatches Amy Steele…F13th peaked with the second installment and even though he grabs the hockey mask in part three I always felt the films declined in quality after the first two and never getting the treatment they deserved until the 2009 reboot.

    • Rho

      I think Part 2 has the best atmosphere and scares. Amy Steel is such a fantastic final girl–something that elevates it above a lot of the goofier entries in the series.

  • VictorCrowley

    For me it’s Jason busting through the cabin door and throwing the hammer in the wall right next to Trish’s head in Part IV.

  • c-s-a78

    there all good in there own way!every movie has that draw drop kill.the one that stands out a lot and will never forget was in Jason X,when the girls head gets cryo frizzed and smashed to bits.ouchhhhh.

    • c-s-a78

      oh and I almost forgot…Jason goes to hell (unrated).that movie has tooooo many to even begin with.LOL.

    • Boone

      That girl was crazy hot as well…

  • ThunderDragoon

    It probably goes back to the original with either Pamela grabbing and stabbing Kevin Bacon’s character from under the bed or when Jason comes out of the water towards the end. Both scared me so bad when I was a kid lol.

  • REC03

    Friday the 13th- Betsey Palmer’s epic performance which is both terrifying and hilarious.
    Part 2- Ginny is one of the best final girls ever and she has one of the best chase scenes ever.
    Part 3- another great and long chase scene.
    Part 4- my favorite one. terrific atmosphere and performances.
    Part 5- so bad its good.
    part 6- the self-referential tone was ahead of its time. really made with love and care all around.
    part 7- Carrie vs. Jason. fun times.
    part 8- the Time Square scene is great. good production values overall.
    Jason Goes To Hell- the end shot and also….um….moving on…
    Jason X- the VR sequence is fun. dumb but fun movie.
    Freddy Vs Jason- the fight scenes are entertaining.
    Friday remake- the first 20 minutes are epic.

  • SaltSlasher


    A classic one is, Part 2, when Ginny and Paul get back, and she says “there’s someone in here”, and bam, Jason in full body attack, not that quick scene kills, we get full chase. Although it is in sack head, it was still Jason.

    As much as I like 1 and 2, #3 is my favorite. We had back story, we knew who our killer was, and when we got a new fresh crop of young adults, we were set to go and even had 3D, with Dolby.

    I mean we got Myers in full body attack in #1, and in full mask in #1. Jason was a saga to himself, a movie for Jason, about Jason. Halloween, had “halloween” undertones, but more importantly he was not the leading role. Laurie Strode was Halloween (which is why it less than to me against Jason), and the story is essentially about her, with Dr. Loomis getting more face time. It was Dr. Loomis and his struggles, and Laurie with her struggles. Myers had no story, and with out the other two, he had no purpose. If it wasn’t named Halloween, I don’t think it would have been as big of cult following. Yeah I like, but not as much as Jason.

  • diapers

    The entire morgue scene in Part III. Axle = my hero!

    • Danny Gately

      That’d be part 4. 😉

      • diapers

        Fucking shit! I stand corrected. The part 3 to part 4 transition is so seamless, it messes with my grey matter.

        • Danny Gately

          Haha. No worries man. My best friend and I hang out often and do NOES, Friday, and Halloween marathons. It’s a bit of an obsession for him and just good old fashioned bloody fun for me.

  • scooby279 .

    part 7 when melisa says fuck you both and opens the door and there is Jason and he slams that axe in her head and throws her across the room

    • Boone

      My favorite chick of the whole franchise. She was a bitch, but damn, she was my kind of bitch, lol.

  • Rho

    My favorite moment doesn’t involve Jason or Mrs. Voorhees, or hatchets to the face, skull crushings, arrows through the throat, or sleeping bag bashings … It’s Crispin Glover’s hypnotic dance in The Final Chapter. There is nothing like showing that scene to people who have never seen it before … and getting to rewind it over and over and over on demand.

  • Ben Gleason

    Trish diving through the window really stands out. The scene and the stunts were flawless.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    the remake was shit, pure shit. Fav moments were the big titty girl in part 4(?) and the fbi chicks ass at the beginning of Jason Goes To Hell… but seriously, my fave moments are from Jason Goes To Hell. The Ending with Freddy was mind blowing at the time and Duke’s lines were gold. “well that makes me think of a little girl sticking a hotdog through a doughnut”….lmao and “Now she’s only your girl cuz she aint had a taste of the duke”, “Are you willing to pay?” and the best one “remember me, you son a bitch!?” Fuck I wanted to see what had happened to Duke before…

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