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This Dude Is 3-D Printing An ‘Alien’ Xenomorph Costume!!!


I didn’t get 3-D printing, until today.

James Bruton has been sharing a video series where he details his steps in 3-D printing a complete Xenomorph costume based on Ridley Scott’s Alien!

In this part you actually get to see how it’s looking (as shown above), and it’s incredible. Who wants to make one for me?



  • astronauta69

    fucking awesome

  • I’ve seen a few 3D printing presentations some time ago, it’s very cool indeed and with a lot of potential. The examples I’ve seen included the making of art as well as jewelry for sale without having to outsource production. Also if you need a replacement part in either plastic or metal then you can just print it yourself instead of spending a bundle on ordering one. But, I wonder what ramifications this will have on manufacturing and who can actually afford to get those 3D printers.

  • G.A. McGillivray

    Back a few years after Aliens came out – there was a store in Bellingham Washington, in damn… whats the mall’s name.. Ah Bellis Fair Mall. So – it was a movie store – they had laserdisc, VHS, props, posters etc. They had an 8 foot tall Xenomorph – and – if it wasn’t a real prop from the movie – it was a damn perfect replica.

    I always regret not buying that – even though it was thousands of dollars 🙂

    Funny enough – in the year 2001 I was in Thailand. And in Bangkok – there is a HUGE market. Like thousands of stalls – and you are getting patted down repeatedly from pick pockets trying to lift your wallet. Well – there was a booth there I found by accident – and I didn’t have a camera 🙁 but there was a Xenomorph, at least 7 feet tall – made entirely of metal and chains. It must have weighed thousands of pounds – but it was so badass looking.

    Almost like a Terminator Xeno. Always wish I had a photo of that….

  • ThunderDragoon

    It’s crazy how far technology has come. Amazing.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Thats dedication to his craft.

    I cant wait to get one of these 3d printers.
    (I’m gonna print a gun.)

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