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Meet ‘Emelie,’ Your Psychotic New Babysitter! (Trailer)


This past weekend we announced that MPI Media Group/Dark Sky Films had acquired the thriller Emelie, directed by Michael Thelin and written by Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck.

Now, a new international poster and trailer introduce us to the babysitter, which looks like a parents nightmare.

After their regular babysitter Maggie can’t make it, the Thompson family turns to her friend Anna to supervise their children while the parents go out to celebrate their anniversary. At first Anna seems like a dream come true to the kids, allowing them to eat extra cookies and play with things that are usually off-limits, but as her behavior becomes increasingly odd, the kids soon find out that her intentions are dark and twisted, and she is not who she seems to be.

Expect a release in early 2016. Thanks to Fabien M. for the tip.

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  • diapers

    Did the trailer get yanked already? Can’t find it elsewhere on the interwebs either.

  • gary w

    Great more psycho babysitters that pretend to be the babysitter when in actuality the psycho killed the real babysitter.

  • HarryWarden

    This looks pretty good. Love Bolger too.


    it has potential

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