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It’s “Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead”!

Crossovers are a big thing in online fan fiction. They allow fans to imagine the possibilities of never-before-seen confrontations, alliances, and outright silliness, much of which makes no goddamn sense but still sounds fucking awesome!

Enter WTFLOL and their latest universe mashing endeavor, “Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead“, a short fan film that pits our favorite smart aleck against the many characters found in the DC universe. It’s obvious that there is a ton of love and care put not only into the production but also the script. The actors feel like their counterparts and the guy playing Ash nails it, speaking not only in the same kind of swagger but also with the right speed and attitude.

Be sure to watch the first part, which sees Ash go against the Marvel universe, to make sure you’re fully in on the story!



  • John

    Fuckin Lobo. The Main Main. Makes me miss him in the comics. I don’t count that pathetic attempt they created to replace the real deal.

    • Weresmurf

      Tell me about it. They should bring the main man back, have him kill that fucking imposter and say THAT was the bullshit ripoff.

      • John

        Well, his book tanked but knowing DC they will chalk it up to no one wanting a Lobo book not that people were turned off by Fauxbo.

        • Weresmurf

          Yep. You’re 100% right. DC don’t seem to be in a good position these days with their comics. They seem to be chaotically trying to find their way. Their Superman stuff is slowly finding its way, their Injustice Storyline however is delivering strong. Marvel seems to be almost in the same position, mashing characters together is barely paying off, with a few gold combinations such as Falcon/Captain America.

          • John

            Marvel is a clusterfuck. Chasing the short term earnings with constant renumbering and gimmicks. Forcing diversity instead of creating it organically. I’m reading the new Carnage book though which is good so far.

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