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It’s “Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead”!

Crossovers are a big thing in online fan fiction. They allow fans to imagine the possibilities of never-before-seen confrontations, alliances, and outright silliness, much of which makes no goddamn sense but still sounds fucking awesome!

Enter WTFLOL and their latest universe mashing endeavor, “Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead“, a short fan film that pits our favorite smart aleck against the many characters found in the DC universe. It’s obvious that there is a ton of love and care put not only into the production but also the script. The actors feel like their counterparts and the guy playing Ash nails it, speaking not only in the same kind of swagger but also with the right speed and attitude.

Be sure to watch the first part, which sees Ash go against the Marvel universe, to make sure you’re fully in on the story!




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