Blumhouse Will Produce Todd McFarlane's 'Spawn' Movie #SDCC - Bloody Disgusting
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Blumhouse Will Produce Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ Movie #SDCC



SPAWN 1997

BREAKING: After teasing fans throughout the day, Spawn creator and legendary comic book artist Todd McFarlane took to his official Facebook to announce that Blumhouse will be producing his live-action screenplay adaptation that’s been in the works for years.

McFarlane has been having trouble finding financing for his project for a wide variety of reasons but most notably his desire/demands to write, produce and direct his vision for a new Spawn movie, while also refusing to give up the character’s intellectual property. I said good for him, noting that one day he would rule the day. Today is that day as he snuck the massive announcement into the San Diego Comic-Con that he will be allowing Blumhouse, who is known for Get Out, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and The Purge, to produce.

Prior to this news, our sources have told us that there are a plethora of script issues, and even McFarlane himself keeps doubling back on the completion of the screenplay. It’s unclear how close they are to moving forward and what the full scope of plans are for the new incarnation of Spawn. With that said, McFarlane had previously explained that the new film will be a “dark/hard ‘R’ and be about the boogeyman.

“Spawn” was the first massive launch pad for Image Comics in May of 1992. New Line Cinema would adapt the comic in 1997 with Michael Jai White starring as an elite mercenary who is killed but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil. He starring alongside John Leguizamo. A “Spawn” animated series also ran from 1997-1999 totally 18 episodes. It’s about damn time for a revival.