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‘The Crow’ Officially Won’t Be Resurrected as Sony Pulls Remake from Schedule



Can it rain all the time?

After a long period of gestation and behind the scenes issues, Sony Pictures had dated their long-delayed The Crow reboot for October 11, 2019. The Nun‘s Corin Hardy had been attached to direct, with Jason Momoa playing the iconic role of the vengeful Eric Draven. Pre-production was officially underway when all of a sudden it was announced that both Hardy and Momoa had exited the project. While it was pretty clear then that The Crow wouldn’t be flying anytime soon, Sony has officially pulled the film off their release slate. It took them two months, but it’s now officially done.

With Hardy and Momoa both gone, this would send the project back to square one, which could mean another few years of development – if it doesn’t just stay dead. Let’s just hope they use this as an opportunity to give us a female-led Crow, which would be way cooler than having Top Dollar gender-swap.

Not long ago, The Crow (1994) director Alex Proyas expressed his displeasure in a remake of the film, worrying that it’d tarnish Brandon Lee’s legacy. Looks like he’s getting his wish.

The Crow follows Eric Draven (who would have been played by Momoa), who returns from the dead to track down his killers and avenge his murdered fiancé with the help of a mystical bird.

Samuel Hadida’s Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow previously acquired the rights to finance, produce and distribute the film.

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