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Spider-Man Teased for Future ‘Venom’ Film as Co-Writer Says Sequel is in the Works!



While his origins changed for the feature film adaptation, Eddie Brock and Venom were introduced in “The Amazing Spider-Man” after Peter Parker/Spidey brought an alien symbiote back to Earth post-“Secret Wars”. The symbiote had bonded with Parker and felt betrayed when the human separated himself from the alien. This is where it came across Brock, a disgraced news reporter who shared similar “venom” towards Peter Parker. In Sony/Columbia Pictures’ feature film adaptation Venom, Spider-Man is removed from the origin story with the symbiotes being brought to Earth by the Life Foundation, and also all of them having their own distinct personalities.

The point is, Venom doesn’t have to exist in the same universe as Sony’s Spider-Man films. Still, it’s in the cards, and us longtime comic book fans may eventually see the web-slinger (once again) battling one of his greatest rivals on the big screen.

“Without revealing anything that I’m not allowed to reveal, it is not impossible that in a future/upcoming Venom movie, Spider-Man will play a significant role,” co-writer Jeff Pinker tells IGN.

“I think it’s fair to say that everyone involved would be very excited by a Spider-Man/Venom movie.”

After a $850M global take, a sequel is inevitable. Even though it’s yet to be announced by the studio, Pinker confirms a follow-up is in the works, although he won’t be involved.

“I can’t say anything other than that it is happening. I am not [working on it]. As of right now, I am not…

Sony recently dated two forthcoming Marvel movies, one of which would land on October 2, 2020. This would be the perfect landing spot for the Venom sequel that all but will introduce Woody Harrelson‘s Carnage. While we’re unsure if Ruben Fleischer will return to direct, Tom Hardy will reprise the role of Eddie Brock barring some shocking change in plans.

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