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Republish: 100 Years in Horror: Snubbed by Oscars!



In lieu of the 83rd Academy Awards, we’d like to point your attention to an article written by Chris Eggertsen this past December entitled “100 Years in Horror: Snubbed by Oscars“…

Tired of your favorite horror movies being denied Oscar nominations year after year? Sick of the genre being derided as inferior to “important” films like stuffy costume dramas and overblown, melodramatic weep-fests? Then check out B-D contributor Chris Eggertsen’s list of some of the greatest horror films through the years that did not receive proper recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, in this fourth entry in the “100 Years in Horror” series.

From the early talkies to the 21st century, the Academy has a long history of turning up their noses at quality horror films simply because they’re…well, horror films, and it’s high time they were brought to account for their ignorance. Click here to check out the full list!