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‘Resident Evil’ Brings The Metal: Ranking The First Three Film Soundtracks



I’m not the biggest fan of the Resident Evil films. The first one was fun, the second was better, and then they started to get bad. Like, really really bad. The storyline got lost, the creatures made no sense, and the action dull and frightfully boring.

But something that potentially gave a little bit of enjoyment was the music, especially when it got nice and heavy, pumping shot after shot of adrenaline into a scene. It was moments like those that made me enjoy the popcorn munching flicks that these movies were intended to be.

With that in mind, and with the awesomeness that is Resident Evil Week going on here, I wanted to focus on the licensed music of the first three films. I wanted to dive in and think about which soundtrack I’d put on my mp3 player to go on a zombie slaying frenzy, all while avoiding the T-Virus, B.O.W.s, and whatever Tyrant or Nemesis gets thrown at me!

So, let’s get to ranking the licensed soundtracks of the first three films!

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