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Check This Band Out: Ohio Sky



It’s been a while since I brought you a band that I thought was really interesting and spurred my interest. But I was just introduced to Cleveland, OH’s Ohio Sky and after hearing just one song I’m already hooked.

The band states:

We recorded this record live in a hunting lodge over a week in the summer of 2015. It really captures the refined performance of our band. It’s like a high-fidelity journey through psychedelic and visual melody. Like the soundtrack to summer hailstorms and winter campfires.

Below is a stream of the band’s new song “Slow Down Stay Alive”, which comes from their upcoming album The Big Distraction (out January 24th via Cellar Door Records). This is music for fans of bands such as Dredg, Deftness, Coheed And Cambria, and similar. You can also stream the album’s title track via the band’s official website.

There’s a mysterious air about “Slow Down Stay Alive”, something ethereal and ambiently beautiful. The song adds layer after layer, texturing their sound to build to a “wall of distortion” sound that doesn’t grate on the ears. Instead, the distortion is itself a texture, a layer of intensity that almost acts like a blanket, comforting in its intensity.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

Ohio Sky online:
Official Website


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