How To Start Getting Into Horror Part 8: The New Slashers
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How To Start Getting Into Horror Part 8: The New Slashers



Last week, I wrote up a post offering my thoughts on how newcomers to the horror genre can introduce themselves to the slasher subgenre. That subgenre has been around for a long, long time and many of you thought my suggestion of starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho wasn’t the best of places to begin. But that’s the beauty of what I’m doing here. It’s meant to start conversations and spur you to think on how you’d bring someone into the horror fold.

While you’re thinking on that, I want to continue this series by taking the next step forward and bring forth some suggestions for the newer slashers, the ones that have emerged in the past decade. Join me below for these titles and definitely leave a comment with your thoughts!

Hopefully by now you and your soon-to-be horror loving buddy have watched the films I recommended in my previous post. If so, they’re aware of how slashers work and what they should expect. So let’s take things into the modern age where things got a bit more gruesome, a bit more inventive, but still have scares and excitement!

As you can see by the above trailer, I highly recommend introducing someone to the insanely clever and entertaining mind bender Cabin In The Woods. It has everything a slasher needs to offer but goes much further by keeping every viewer on their toes, wondering what exactly the hell is happening???

If you’re not ready to go that far just yet, maybe go over the top with Hatchet, which is a great way to stay within the basic slasher rules but introduce the concept of gore, something we still haven’t really covered yet in this series (don’t worry, it’s coming). Plus, it’s rather funny, so we’re keeping things humorous with this pick.

Maybe you’re not wanting to go the “funny” route and want to keep things serious. In that case, you can’t go wrong with You’re Next, a new age slasher that received rave reviews and comes from the winning Adam Wingard/Simon Barrett combo (The Guest, V/H/S).

Last but not least for my suggestions, I suggest going with the remake of Friday the 13th. Say what you want, but that movie is insane amounts of fun and is incredibly faithful to what the series should be: Jason killing off a bunch of stupid teens who deserve what’s coming to them.

Each of these four films are, in my opinion, phenomenal ways to introduce someone to the new era of slashers. They each offer something new on top of what the classic slashers brought to the table. And they’re damn fun.

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