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Which Wes Craven Slasher Are You?



With a diverse and fascinating list of films under his belt, Wes Craven offered us some truly fascinating characters, both heroes and villains. From Krug in Last House on the Left to Sidney in the Scream films, Craven always made sure to flesh out both sides of the playing field, wanting to make sure we had the full story to really appreciate the horror about to unfold.

For many people, the villains are the true star of a film and Wes Craven sure brought us several supernovas! So let’s honor them today by seeing which Wes Craven slasher you’d be!

I got “Pluto (The Hills Have Eyes)”, which reads:

You were born in the wilderness, born into a wild and scary world, where you must hunt for your life.

You don’t care who stands in your way, because you know that you are not alone.

Papa Jupiter and mama will always join you, and rip the guts of whoever tries to hurt you.

Take the quiz below and let us know your results in the comments!

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