Twisted Music Video of the Week Vol. 200: Q.G. "The Devil's Plan" - Bloody Disgusting
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Twisted Music Video of the Week Vol. 200: Q.G. “The Devil’s Plan”



It’s Friday and it’s time to celebrate the 200th edition of Twisted Music Video of the Week! So, I wanted to find a special video, one that really stands out for its use of horror visuals. That’s why I’m going with Q.G.‘s “The Devil’s Plan”, which was directed by Pierre Teulieres.

The video makes amazing use of a rundown house and the vampire-esque denizen that inhabits its walls. There’s a wonderful texture to this video and some of the visuals are absolutely fantastic, including a hallway of twine strings that shift their positions seemingly at will. Even if you don’t like the music, I recommend muting it and giving it a watch because it really is beautifully crafted.

Enjoy the video and enjoy your weekend!

Managing editor/music guy/social media fella of Bloody-Disgusting