5 Favorite Holiday Horror Films!
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5 Favorite Holiday Horror Films Picked By ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ Director Steve Hoban



Black Christmas

Steve Hoban is not only one of the brains behind the awesome “Darknet” series, but he’s one of the directors of the new holiday anthology, A Christmas Horror Story, to be released in theaters, and on iTunes/VOD platforms October 2nd (that’s today!).

In my review I state that “the filmmakers pull off a twist that’s so shocking it could save Christmas.”

Speaking of Christmas, Hoban has shared with us his 5 favorite holiday horror movies, all of which you’re going to want to add to your chopping list.

Did he miss anything? What do you think of the list?

Black Christmas (1974)

A classic Canadian movie that some have credited with starting both the holiday horror sub-genre and the slasher sub-genre. For this reason alone it belongs on the list of best holiday-themed horror movies. Directed by Bob Clark, this one is a favorite of mine for many reasons and, in fact, I produced the remake of Black Christmas back in 2006. But the original is still my favourite. It has so many great iconic moments that it’s that perfect Christmas horror in that you want to re-watch every year, and I do.

Halloween (1978)

“Bob Clark told me that he and John Carpenter met after the release of Black Christmas and he told Carpenter that he wanted to do a series of horror movies desecrating the various holidays. Clark was planning for his follow up to be Halloween but never got around to it. So Carpenter did it instead and between them they birthed, for good and for ill, the holiday-themed horror movie sub-genre. This movie is just as scary today as it was in 1978.”

Gremlins (1984)

“Directed by Joe Dante, this Christmas-themed tale was more comedy than horror but it works, and there are some real great scary moments. The fake snow is annoying to anyone who knows what real snow looks like but in a goofy way it kind of adds to the fun for this Christmas creature feature. And it is fun that makes it a must for my top five list. I think that fans of my film, A Christmas Horror Story, will agree that the mom-killing-gremlins-in-the-ktichen scene is not too far off from our big zombie elf battle royale! If only Santa had a microwave in his mailroom.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

“More a fantasy movie than a horror movie Henry Selick and Tim Burton’s film does lovingly play with many horror movie tropes and is such a dark and uniquely designed world that it will always be a holiday horror-esque treat to me. I am also a huge sucker for stop-motion. Plus, this movie hits two holidays, Halloween and Christmas, for the price of one.”

‘White Christmas’ (the “Black Mirror” Christmas Special) (2014)

“This one isn’t technically a film but it is 90 minutes long and until A Christmas Horror Story was the best holiday-themed horror movie I had seen in years. More fake snow but other than that Charlie Brooker’s Christmas gift to the fans of Black Mirror is an incredibly sophisticated, mysterious, thought-provoking and chilling movie. Certainly more Rod Serling than John Carpenter but a horror movie in my books.”


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