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Book a Stay at These 12 Haunted Hotels!



Haunted Hotels

There are a plethora of “haunted” hotels all around the world. Some are home to some surprisingly sick and twisted crimes. Of course, this means that they are prime tourist attractions, with people all over the world coming over to visit them. I did a little bit of digging and thought I would single out some of our favorites (and by favorites I mean I really want to go to there).

Driskill Hotel – Austin, Texas

I’m a little biased towards this one because it’s the hotel my partner and I stayed at the night that I proposed, but it is supposedly haunted! We were lucky enough to stay in a room near a painting of Samantha Houston, whose ghost is rumored to haunt the hallways (we didn’t see her though). She was the daughter of a U.S. Senator who was chasing a ball down the stairs and tripped and fell to her death. The creepy thing is that the stairs are in the painting with her. In other news, Room 525 is dubbed the “Suicide Bride” room because two brides committed suicide on their respective honeymoons in Room 525’s bathroom on the same day twenty years apart. Talk about creepy! It’s one of the smallest rooms in the hotel though so it may not be worth the price of admission (the Driskill is known for being pretty pricey).

Haunted Hotels

Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

Lying just five miles from the entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley Hotel is best known as the hotel that Stephen King stayed at in 1974 (in room 217, no less) and inspired him to write The Shining. Unsurprisingly, reports of paranormal activity started popping up after. King’s book was released.

Haunted Hotels

Grand Hyatt Taipei – Taiwan

Supposedly built on top of a former World War II prison camp and Japanese execution ground, the Grand Hyatt Taipei has more than earned its status as a haunted hotel. Rumors of wandering spirits permeate the halls. It has gotten to the point where locals stay away from the place.

Haunted Hotels

Emily Morgan Hotel – San Antonio, Texas

The Emily Morgan Hotel is supposedly the third most haunted hotel in the United States. I’m not exactly sure how you rate the degree of haunted-ness a building is, but I digress. Before becoming a hotel, the building was a medical facility, complete with a psychiatric ward and a morgue. The 12th and 14th floors are reportedly the most haunted because they used to be the hospital and surgery floors, respectively. Perhaps some of the dead are still roaming the halls?

Haunted Hotels

The Place D’Armes Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is actually home to quite a few haunted hotels, but the Place D’Armes has one of the most tragic histories. Before the hotel was built, the grounds were home to a school building that unfortunately burned to the ground in the 1700s, killing several students inside.

Place D'Armes New Orleans

The Hollywood Hotel Roosevelt – Los Angeles, California

Open since 1926, The Roosevelt is the oldest continually operated hotels in Los Angeles. It is most well known for the number of celebrities who stay there, even after they die. The two most notable supernatural guests at the hotel are Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift (Tom Cruise’s uncle). Then there are the reports of mysterious phone calls in the night and random “cold spots” in the hotel. Spooky.

Haunted Hotel

Langham Hotel – London

Thought to me the most haunted hotel in London, the Langham Hotel is also home to Room 333, otherwise known as the most haunted room in London. There have been several sightings of various ghosts in the building over the years. Some of the more notable ones are a German nobleman who threw himself out of a window, a doctor who murdered his wife and killed himself, a man with a gash on his face, a butler with torn socks and another ghost who likes to shake beds. These guests have an affinity towards the aforementioned Room 333, but they have supposedly been spotted all over the hotel.

Haunted Hotels

Dalhousie Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

The Dalhousie Castle grants its guest views of some of the most beautiful countryside in Scotland, but it also houses the ghost of Lady Catherine of Dalhousie, the daughter of the previous owners of the castle. You see, her parents forbid her from seeing a young boy that she fell in love with so she locked herself in a room at the top of the castle and starved herself to death. Guests at the castle have been known to see her grey figure wandering around the turrets and the dungeons.

Haunted Hotels

Hotel Chelsea- New York City, New York

Hotel Chelsea is filled with ghosts. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in New York (again with that ranking system). A couple of notable celebrities have died there, which is where all the ghost stories come from. First up is writer Dylan Thomas, who died of pneumonia in the hotel in 1953. The most famous death is that of Nancy Spungen (girlfriend of Sex Pistols bass guitarist Sid Vicious). She was stabbed to death in her hotel room and there have been multiple sightings of her and Sid’s ghosts over the years. Unfortunately, the hotel closed for renovations in 2011 and has yet to reopen.

Haunted Hotels

RMS Queen Mary – Long Beach, California

This haunted hotel is a boat. Yes, a boat. It’s awesome. The RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. It is now permanently moored at the coast of Long Beach, California. After it docked, rumors of hauntings began to spread around the city. Cabin B340 is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a person who was murdered in the room (at the time it was Cabin B326 but it was renamed after the ship was refitted following World War II). Sounds of ghost children can be heard in the nursery. All in all, there have been no less than 49 crew members and passengers have died on the ship during its initial run. Board at your own risk!

Haunted Hotels

Hawthorne Hotel – Salem, Massachusetts

It’s really just Room 325 in Salem’s Hawthorne Hotel that gives paranormal investigators the chills. Word on the street is that the bathroom lights and pluming like to turn on of their own volition an ghostly hands touch guests at night. . The ghost of a woman can supposedly be seen in Room 612 as well. It probably doesn’t help matters that the hotel is built on the grounds of a former apple orchard once owned by Bridget Bishop, one of the first women to be executed to the Salem Witch Trials. Guests at the hotel have reported smelling rotten apples in the hall, which probably doesn’t get the appetite going.

Haunted Hotels

1886 Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The last hotel on the list is the Crescent Hotel, reportedly one of the most haunted places in the United States. A reported eight spirits haunt the halls of the hotel. These spirits include (but are not limited to): a nurse who worked in the building when it was a hospital, Dr. John Freemont Ellis (also an employee of the former hospital), an Irish stonemason who fell of the roof and a small boy who died from complications from his appendicitis. A perk of staying at this hotel is that they offer a ghost tour for free!

Haunted Hotels

Which hotels do you want to stay at the most? Let us know in the comments below!