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Mother’s Day Gets Scary With These Horror Prints!



Up-and-coming horror artist Marcela “The Exorstitch” Piñeda seems to be making a habit of holiday-related horror artwork. After her collection of Easter prints was released back in April, she returns with a new set of mother-themed horror prints in a collection she calls “All of Them Mothers” just in time for Mother’s Day. If your mom appreciates the horror genre, these could make a fantastic gift for her this Sunday!


Maybe it’s best not to give this one to your mother, as Margaret White isn’t exactly the best role model, but it’s still a pretty nifty image. What mother wouldn’t want this hanging in her living room every day? It would be one hell of a conversation starter.

Mother's Day Carrie


Coraline doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the better family horror films to come out in the 2000s. The film is quite clever and surprisingly scary for a children’s movie. No part of the film is scarier than Teri Hatcher’s(!) Other Mother who, in her final incarnation, is revealed to be a vicious spider-like beast with sewing needles for hands and buttons for eyes. Hang this in your house to make your children appreciate the mother they’ve got.

Mother's Day Coraline

Rosemary’s Baby

Piñeda uses one of Rosemary’s Baby‘s most iconic scenes for inspiration in this twist on the film’s poster. Does your mom love Satan?

Mother's Day Rosemary's Baby


Is there a more well-known horror mother than Norma Bates? Granted, this is one of the most sunny and positive portrayals of Norma’s corpse, especially considering the haunting ads that were used for Bates Motel‘s final season. With the rainbow background and Norma’s rosy cheeks, this is probably the best a decayed corpse has ever looked.

Mother's Day Psycho

American Mary

The Soska Sister’s American Mary is one of the more underrated horror films of this decade, so I’m particularly happy to see it get some recognition in the gallery. Everyone needs a little more Katharine Isabelle in their lives.

Mother's Day American Mary

The Babadook

Regardless of how you feel about Jennifer Kent’s critically acclaimed film, you have to admit that hanging this in your child’s room (or at least threatening to) would be a surefire way to get them to clean their rooms every week!

Mother's Day The Babadook

Which piece of Mother’s Day art is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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