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Celebrate Easter With These Nifty Horror Prints!

Creepshow Easter

Easter isn’t exactly a holiday that gets associated with the horror genre very often. With the exception of last year’s Holidays, in which Nicholas McCarthy gave us one of the most horrifying Easter bunnies ever created, there aren’t a lot of Easter-themed horror movies out there (though Critters 2 just barely makes the cut). Austin-based artist Marcela Piñeda, who goes under the pseudonym “The Exorstitch” aims to fix that injustice by giving some of your favorite horror (and one non-horror) film an Easter-y twist in a gallery she calls “A Very Scary Easter“!

Donnie Darko

What would be more terrifying than waking up on Easter morning to see Frank the Bunny putting eggs in your Easter basket? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Donnie Darko Easter

Credit: The Exorstitch


Imagine participating in this Easter egg hunt (which Piñeda has renamed “Ovomorph Hunt”). You might get a nasty facehugger surprise!

Alien Easter

Credit: The Exorstitch

The Silence of the Lambs

At least Piñeda’s version of Buffalo Bill has the courtesy to send a nice basket of colored eggs with his daily serving of moisturizer. Catherine Martin probably would have been a little bit happier in her pit if Jonathan Demme’s (or Thomas Harris’s) version of Bill did this.

Silence of the Lambs Easter

Credit: The Exorstitch


Admittedly, the head-exploding set piece in David Cronenberg’s Scanners would have lost some of its impact if confetti exploded out of the ConSec scanner’s head instead of brains and blood, but it would have made the film a bit more kid-friendly. And who doesn’t want a kid-friendly Cronenberg film? Fun fact: cascarón is Spanish for a hollowed out chicken egg filled with confetti or small toys.

Scanners Easter

Credit: The Exorstitch


How do you make George A. Romero’s Creepshow even more terrifying? Put a Peep, arguably the nastiest candy ever created, front and center on its poster.

Creepshow Easter

Credit: The Exorstitch

Which of the above prints is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



  • AdamX

    Peeps are gross…except the peppermint chocolate ones.

  • Neat! I can get behind combining Creepshow with anything. And I’d never heard of Cascarones before, but I love it.

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    The “put the lotion in the basket” one is so funny and witty. Suggestion: Basket Case

  • DrewHamster

    What!? Peeps are delicious!

  • Aaron Eiermann


  • SuzieLa La

    I’ll assume it was a group aneurysm that no one mentioned “Night of the Lepus”…?

    (by the by, green apple peeps dipped in salted caramel [only slightly] are the best Peeps)

    • SuzieLa La

      Also “Easter Bunny, Kill Kill!,” “The Night Before Easter,” “Angel of Death” and, the best of the bunch, “Jeepers Creepers”! Yep, it’s a little-known fact (but takes very shallow digging) to find out it was based upon a real incident. As my Easter gift to you (well, Frank’ll be busy), even though it’s one of my least fave holidays, here you go, the back story to JC (that’s Jeepers Creepers):

  • uriah369

    He put 6 fingers on the left hand of the scanners head exploding guy.

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