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These Secret Netflix Genre Categories Will Help With Your Horror Binges



You’ve just finished binging the entirety of Stranger Things Season 2. You stare blankly at the red glow of the Netflix logo on your screen. Surely, you can just find something else to watch amongst the myriad of titles offered through the streaming platform.

We’ve all been there, though. We start perusing through “Suggestions For You.” Nothing there sparks your interest. We move to browsing various genres, typically “Horror.” Still, there are so many options. You click one title, read the reviews, drop it in your queue. “I’ll come back to it.” A lot of times I’ll spend upwards of an hour just surfing through the films without being able to make up my mind. The truth is, there’s just TOO MUCH to choose from. And the current available categories are less than helpful, often so generic they cover a wide swath of different types of flicks. “Teen Screams” for instance is home to Yoga Hosers as well as Stake Land and Troll Hunter. And just how precisely do they differentiate between “Creature Features” and “Monster Films”?

Horror Categories on Netflix

Well, earlier today, I was scrolling through reddit in regards to the new-to-me service from Mitch Lowe (co-founder of Netflix), Moviepass. I ended up tumbling down a reddit rabbit hole and discovered this nifty little Netflix hack. Essentially, Netflix breaks all their films down into subcategories on the backend, but you can easily access these lists yourself by using different ID numbers. While it appears What’s On Netflix listed this “ID Bible” two years ago (again, new-to-me), I took it upon myself to dive through and pull out all the horror related subcategories for your pleasure.

The way it works is simple. First, you must already be logged in to your Netflix account. In the address bar, simply copy and paste this:

To locate a specific category listed below, merely replace the “1111” (unless you’re looking for a courtroom mystery apparently) with one of the IDs below.

Of course, the benefit of this is that by narrowing down your choices to a much more specific grouping of films, you’re likely to spend less time searching and more time actually watching a damn movie! I’ve included every possible genre related subcategory I came across. You might find that a few are currently empty…that’s because Netflix is constantly cleaning house. Thankfully, these codes don’t seem to change, so you can always drop in later to see if they’ve built the stock of titles back up. I’ve also included the IDs for the categories already present on the site, just in case they were to be removed anytime in the near future from the main “Horror” page.

Netflix Sub-Category IDs

Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy – 1568

Action Thrillers – 43048

Alien Sci-Fi – 3327

Anime Fantasy – 11146

Anime Horror – 10695

Anime Sci-Fi – 2729

B-Horror Movies – 8195

Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy – 47147

Netflix Sub Category

Classic Thrillers – 46588

Creature Features – 6895

Crime Thrillers – 10499

Cult Horror Movies – 10944

Cult Movies – 7627

Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy – 4734

Deep Sea Horror Movies – 45028

Experimental Movies – 11079

Fantasy Movies – 9744

Film Noir – 7687

Foreign Horror Movies – 8654

Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy – 6485

Foreign Thrillers – 10306

Horror Comedy – 89585

Horror Movies – 8711

Independent Thrillers – 3269

Monster Movies – 947

Mysteries – 9994

Political Thrillers – 10504

Psychological Thrillers – 5505

Satanic Stories – 6998

Sci-Fi & Fantasy – 1492

Sci-Fi Adventure – 6926

Sci-Fi Dramas – 3916

Sci-Fi Horror Movies – 1694

Netflix Sub Category

Sci-Fi Thrillers – 11014

Slasher and Serial Killer Movies – 8646

Spy Thrillers – 9147

Steamy Thrillers – 972

Supernatural Horror Movies – 42023

Supernatural Thrillers – 11140

Teen Screams – 52147

Thrillers – 8933

TV Horror – 83059

TV Mysteries – 4366

TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy – 1372

Vampire Horror Movies – 75804

Werewolf Horror Movies – 75930

Zombie Horror Movies – 75405

Whatever your specific taste may be or whatever mood you may find yourself in tonight – hopefully one of these hidden Netflix Categories will guide you to a night spent watching a cool new flick instead of hours spent surfing the never-ending Netflix “Horror” page.