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[Exclusive] Look Inside the Never Released Final Issue of “Fangoria”!



Back in November of 2015, “Fangoria” teased the release of issue #345, which would never be printed.

“Fangoria” magazine officially ended its 36-year run with issue #344, which featured Elvira on the cover. While issue #345 never came to fruition, we’ve recently confirmed that 15 test copies were printed. In fact, Jason Bene owns a copy and was kind enough to share a photo of what is quite possibly the most collectible horror magazine ever.

We asked Jason if he would scan a few pages for readers, but he was (rightfully) afraid of bending the spine. This sent us on a journey that would result in us unearthing some treasures. In fact, thanks to the help of former Editor in chief Chris Alexander, we were able to get our hands on four pages from the never-printed issue!

We reached out to Editor in chief and writer Michael Gingold, and writers Tim Chizmar, John Palisano, and Shawn Macomber, all who gave Bloody Disgusting permission to share their hard work. We’re excited to present those articles to you, for the love of all things horror and in honor of those who have dedicated their lives to the genre.

Shawn Macomber shared a preview of Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty‘s “anti-Claus” horror movie, Krampus.

Former Editor in chief Michael Gingold shared an exclusive interview with Sam Raimi ahead of the release of Starz’s “Ash vs Evil Dead”.

Gingold also visited the set of Eli Morgan Gesner’s infection opus, Condemned. Catching the murderous rage doesn’t mean you lose your personality!

Lastly, Tim Chizmar and John Palisano collaborated on a feature focused on horror in wrestling. “Feel the fear when some of the sport’s baddest guys take on terrifying personas.”