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How Will Ryan Murphy’s Massive Netflix Deal Impact “American Horror Story”?



Massive news broke last night that Ryan Murphy, co-creator of “American Horror Story,” has inked a huge deal with Netflix, described by Deadline as being “the biggest TV pact” in history. To make a long story short, Murphy “has signed an overall deal with Netflix, which could reach as high as $300 million.”

The partnership officially begins on July 1.

Under the five-year agreement with Netflix, Murphy and his Ryan Murphy Productions will produce new series’ and films exclusively for the streaming service.

Murphy currently calls 20th Century Fox TV home, a studio which is in the near future going to become part of Disney in the wake of Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

So what does this mean for “American Horror Story,” you may be wondering? Well, the Netflix deal doesn’t necessarily impact projects that Murphy and FX are already partnered on – not yet, at least.

I am honored and grateful to continue my partnership with my friends and peers at Fox on our existing shows,” Murphy said in a statement last night, confirming that not only will “American Horror Story” remain at FX, but Murphy will continue to oversee the series.

For now, that is.

As you might imagine, Murphy will soon be focused on his work with Netflix, which could eventually see him step down from “American Horror Story” and his other Fox TV shows. Deadline noted last night that Murphy is expected to remain focused on his current Fox projects “at least for the next year”: beyond that, the future seems uncertain.

We can only assume that Murphy will eventually have to exit all non-Netflix projects.

At this time, the Sarah Paulson-starring eighth season of “American Horror Story” is being developed, and the series has also been renewed for a crossover ninth season.

In the future, “American Horror Story” could come to an end entirely, or FX could carry on without Murphy’s involvement. For now, it’s impossible to know.


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